Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Steps must be taken now to repel China

For months now I have been posting on the threat China will be soon. Now Cal Thomas has much the same to say in his commentary.

"In a brilliant new book by the late Constantine Menges, Ph.D., titled China: The Gathering Threat, the former special assistant for national security affairs to President Reagan and national intelligence officer at the CIA soberly outlines the threat China already has become and persuasively argues how America can use its economic and moral weapons to stop the world's biggest nation without a shot being fired.

Menges writes that China has defined America as its ''main enemy'' and can now launch nuclear weapons at the United States that are capable of killing 100 million of us. China's effective espionage operation in the U.S. has managed to steal the designs of nearly all nuclear warheads and other military secrets, he says.

China has threatened to destroy entire American cities if the U.S. helps Taiwan defend itself against a military assault or invasion, Menges writes. China also buys weapons from Russia that are designed to sink U.S. aircraft carriers. It controls more than $200 billion in U.S. debt and sells more than 40 percent of its exports to America, using the profits to strengthen its economy and advanced weapons systems aimed at the U.S.

Until recently, American policy has been to give China access to U.S. markets in hopes that might reduce tensions and hasten democratic reform. It has done no such thing. Menges argues it is time to try another approach.

First, he says, the U.S. must finish development of a reliable missile defense system that can be easily expanded should China, Russia or any nation attempt to overwhelm us by building additional missiles. Menges says the cost of expanding a missile defense system is far less than building new missiles and such cost will be prohibitive to enemy nations once they realize the U.S. can't be successfully attacked.

Without a working missile defense system, he writes, the increased number of warheads and missiles now available and under construction will make the Chinese threat substantial - he estimates by 2008, China will have more than 400 warheads capable of reaching U.S. territory.

Menges believes in ''the importance of forthrightly informing the world about U.S. interests and actions. Truth is indeed the best policy.'' In his view, the United States often fails to respond to allegations by China and Russia that America seeks world domination."

The Missile Defense system which the left moans and whines about, is becoming more of a necessity each day. All too often the US is silent when China, Russia and the home grown leftists go on and on about the US wanting world domination.

"One of many countermeasures recommended by Menges is the expulsion of all companies that function as fronts for the Chinese People's Liberation Army or other military or intelligence-related entities in China, Russia or any other nonallied state. Investigative reporter Kenneth R. Timmerman estimates there are hundreds of such front companies in Southern California alone.

Secretary Rumsfeld's remarks and Menges' book reveal China's commitment to expanding its empire by intimidation and force, and how the U.S. had better take China's seriousness seriously if we are to confront and repel it."

It is high time that the US shut down all of these front companies. In addition, the US needs to be very careful on who is gratned work and student visas from China. Many of these visa recipients are working and studying in areas where new technologies are being reseerched. Adding to this explosive situation is China's thrist for energy. Having few oil reserves of it's own, China will be forced to look elsewhere for oil. It is not too far fetched to think that China would make a move into the Middle East or maybe even Siberia. This situation with China needs to be addressed and the sooner the better. - Sailor

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