Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Chinese Defector: Our Spies Are Everywhere

Seems that Australia has problems with spies from China now as well. A few days ago, I posted on China's spying efforts in the US. Peter Brooks laid out this effort in the US. Now two Chinese defectors have given Australian authorities information on the Chinese spying efforts there.

"Two Chinese defectors - one of them a diplomat who walked away from his post - claim that their homeland is running a spy network in Australia and other Western countries.

The diplomat, Chen Yonglin, left his job as the first secretary at the Chinese Consulate-General in Sydney last month to seek political asylum in Australia. Chen, 37, claimed China ran a ring of 1,000 spies in Australia involved in illegal activities including abducting Chinese nationals and smuggling them back to China."

Yonglin's revelations have been verified by a second defector, Hao Feng Jun.

"But a second Chinese official seeking asylum in Australia, Hao Feng Jun, backed Chen's claim of a Chinese spy network in Australia in an interview with Australian Broadcasting Corp. television late Tuesday.

Hao, 32, said he was a member of China's internal security police engaged in the suppression of dissidents before he came to Australia in February as a tourist and sought asylum.

"I worked in the police office in the security bureau and I believe what Mr. Chen says is true," Hao told the ABC through an interpreter.

"They send out businessmen and students to overseas countries as spies. They also infiltrate the Falun Gong and other dissident groups," he said."

This also confirms much of what Peter Brooks wrote in his commentary of the Chinese spying efforts in the US. Of course, China denies all of this, using the usual rhetoric to besmirch the two defectors. It will be interesting to see if the information provided by these two defectors will put a major dent into Chinese intelligence gathering. - Sailor.

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