Monday, June 06, 2005

Petition To Congress To Investigate ACLU Document Shredding

I always find it interesting when one of these self appointed watchdog groups get caught with their pants around their ankles. Such is the case with the ACLU. The New Yorks Times and several bloggers have been looking into allegations that the ACLU has been shredding documents. Turn about, being fair play and all, perhaps it is time that some one investigate the ACLU on this issue. Perhaps it should be the Congress, since much of what the ACLU does is tax payer funded. It is time we all signed this petition to demand that the ACLU come clean on this and that a formal investigation be started.

You should also drop by the
Stop the ACLU Blog for more updates.

As I have travelled around the blogosphere today, I have seen a few comments here and there from the left, moaning and whining over this. One even suggested that another blogger's post on this was close to 'libelous'. So, just a short note to those leftists: This story was broken by one of you favorite news sources, the New York Times. If you have issues with this go and whine to them, not me. - Sailor

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