Sunday, June 19, 2005

Gitmo grandstanding

Dem/leftists, terrorist appeasers and ass kissers and the usual leftist suspects are trying to make some thing out of nothing with Gitmo. It all started with the bogus Amnesty International report and their leader, Kahn whining about how Gitmo was a gulag. What proof and evidence did they offer? None. One of Amnesty International's officials freely admitted that they had no evidence, but he refused to retract any of the gulag statements made. Now we come to Dirtbag Dick Durbin and his way over the top comparisons of Gitmo to the three most murderous regimes of the last century. Then there are the leftist loudmouth combination of Leahy and Kennedy. Their defense of Dirtbag Durbin is reprehensible at best. Jack Kelly has a good deal to say in his commentary.

"Time magazine obtained, and last weekend published, excerpts from the secret interrogation log of "Detainee 063," Mohammed al Qahtani, an intimate of Osama bin Laden who, it is thought, would have been the 20th hijacker had he not been denied entry into the United States in August 2001. He was later captured in Afghanistan.

The log, Time said, "offers a rare glimpse into the darker reaches of intelligence gathering, in which teams that specialize in extracting information by almost any means match wits and wills with men who are trained to keep quiet at almost any cost."

Time detailed some of the nefarious methods used by U.S. interrogators to get Qahtani to talk. He was stripped naked. He was forced to stand for prolonged periods. He was deprived of sleep. Water was poured over his head. A female interrogator invaded his personal space. Sometimes interrogators would poke him in the chest with their fingers. And he was forced to listen to Christina Aguilera music.

Sounds like Marine boot camp, without the PT that left us gasping for breath, muscles quivering. (We didn't have females invading our personal space, but most of the fellows in my recruit platoon at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego wouldn't have minded that.)

Every American pilot or Special Forces soldier who has gone through SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) training has been treated far worse in mock prison camps than al Qahtani and the others have been treated at Gitmo."

I well remember BUD/S and what we called E&E back then. What Qahtani experienced at the hands of his interrogators was a cake walk compared with what many in our military have been through as part of training. Imagine, having a female invade his personal space, the poor bastard. Later, Qahtani went and dined on lemon baked fish with vegetables and fruits. What torture! What a joke. How many prisoners have died at the hands of their interrogators at Gitmo? Zero. How many have been seriously injured? Zero. How manu did the Nazi's murder in their death camps? Apporximately 6 million. How many died in the Soviet gulags? 3 Million. How many did Pol Pot kill? 2 million. So enough with the rhetoric comparing Gitmo to any of these murderous regimes.

"There is one international organization with a legitimate beef about how the detainees are being treated: Weight Watchers.

The average weight gain among the prisoners at Guantanamo is 18 pounds, said a spokesman for the Joint Task Force there. This is because the detainees eat better than do U.S. soldiers in Iraq, says Rep. Duncan Hunter, the California Republican who is chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

Gitmo is the first POW camp in the history of the world where prisoners gain weight. Some gulag.

Durbin and fellow Democratic senators Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and Patrick Leahy say Gitmo should be closed because it's giving America a black eye in world opinion.

Are Durbin et al. such weenies that they actually think having a finger poked in your chest is torture?

Have they lost all moral sense, to make such outrageous comparisons?

Are liberals such fools as to imagine the detainees could be released without consequence? (Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said last week that a dozen of those released earlier from Guantanamo have been recaptured or killed fighting again against America.)

What's giving America a black eye is the slander of our troops by Durbin, Amnesty and others. Americans should be outraged, but not by the conduct of our soldiers."

Perhaps to a panty waisted girly man like Dirtbag Durbin, a finger poke in the chest is torture. Perhaps he would have wet his pants if he were poked in the chest. For Biden, it is all about politics, as he has proclaimed he is a presidential candidate for 2008. Leahy nad Kennedy are just being their usual leftist selves, looking to make political hay over this.

What these four and the other leftists have accomplished is nothing less than providing aid and comfort to our enemies. Al-Jazera is having a field day replaying Dirtbag Durbin's outrageous comments. This will certainly increase the danger to our troops overseas and to American citizens overseas and here at home.

You damn sure can bet I am angry over these unsubstabtiated allegagtions made by Amnesty International and the simply stupid comparisons that Dirtbag Durbin made. Just a word of advice to those in the dems in the Senate up for re-election in Red states. I strongly urge you to rebuke Durbin and quickly, if you have hopes of being re-elected. We in the Red states support out troops, as well as those of us in the marginally Blue states and will remember those that do not rebuke Durbin on election day 2006. - Sailor

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