Saturday, June 18, 2005

Guantanamo Bay and the War on Terror

Over and over again. we keep hearing from the dem/leftists, terrorist appeasers and ass kissers and the usual leftist suspects about how evil Gitmo is. They go on and on about some imagined "rights" these terrorist thugs have. They whine about violations of the Geneva Converntion. Of course, they fail to mention that these terrorists are not afforded any rights under the Geneva Convention. It is possible that these leftists have not read the Geneva Convention, or, having done so, have no clue what they read. Then you have the likes of Dirtbag Dick Durbin, who makes wild assed comparisons to three of the most evil regimes of the last century. All for political purposes. If the dem/leftist support our troops as they claim, then they need to discipline Dirtbag Dickiee for his way over the top rants. Do not hold your breath waiting for that. Senator Jon Kyl has some comments of his own.

"At the hearing, Democrats criticized the Bush Administration, alleging that the 520 prisoners are in "legal limbo," that "there is no plan exactly how they're going to be handled," that their "rights under the Geneva Conventions have been violated," and that they deserve some sort of a "trial" or they should be released. A big problem if true, but none of it is.

The detainees at Guantanamo are not in a legal limbo any more than any other prisoners in any other war were in limbo when they were captured. International law allows any nation the right to detain enemy combatants for the duration of a conflict. The primary reason is to prevent them from killing more Americans, and, secondarily, to gather useful intelligence. That's why we are holding these men - they are enemy combatants who were shooting at our troops or otherwise involved in terrorism, and many have information that could help prevent further attacks. We certainly never "tried" captured Nazis or Japanese POWs in World War II (with the exception of a few leaders charged with war crimes) although many were held for years.

The Supreme Court has since ruled that because Guantanamo is under U.S. control, some traditional American legal procedures apply, including the right of each detainee to have his status reviewed. After that ruling, a special commission was established to determine whether, in fact, all of the detainees were enemy combatants, and a number of them were released. We know that at least a dozen went right back to fighting us, because they were subsequently captured again on the battlefield.

Those who remain in detention - a tiny fraction of the 10,000 enemy combatants we have picked up over the past few years - are terrorist trainers, bomb makers, extremist recruiters and financers, bodyguards of Osama bin Laden, would-be suicide bombers, and so forth. Because they indiscriminately target civilians and are not fighting for another particular country, among other reasons, these individuals do not qualify for the protections of the Geneva Conventions. Nonetheless, official U.S. policy is to apply Geneva standards, including access to lawyers, Red Cross visits, and so forth. Every single detainee receives a new review every year to determine whether he still poses a risk. That would seem to be a reasonable standard for a country at war, and surely a credible "plan" for "handling" their cases.

These terrorists are being treated better than any requirements laid down in the Geneva Convention. They are well fed, given access to lawyers and the Red Cross, their religious beliefs are well respected. If the US afforded our own military the same reliious support that we are affording these distorters of Islam, you can bet the ACLU would be in court in a heartbeat, claiming violations fo church and state. Some that have been released from Gitmo went right back to trying to kill Americans. The likes of Dirtbag Dick Durbin, with their lunatic and unsubstantiated ravings have done more to aid and comfort the enemy than any one.

Quite frankly, these scumbags are having it a hell of a lot better than any time in their wretched lives. Medical care, meals prepared in accordance with their distorted religious beliefs, allowed to pray the required five times a day, complete with prayer rugs and Qurans, all paid for by the US taxpayer. So much for Amnesty International's claims of a "gulag", which many of their officials are on record as saying they have no evidence of. The other day, these teroorists dined on lemon baked fish with two types of vegetables and two types of fruit. My son, with the 10th Mountain Division and his comrades in arms dined on MREs. - Sailor

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