Friday, June 17, 2005

Tagged again!

I got tagged once again by That means I need to post the answers to four questions and then tag five others. If you found an invitation to read this in your Comment Section that means you have been tagged.

So here are the questions and my answers.

(1) Number of books you own: I do not think I can count that high.....LOL
(2) Last book bought: Talon of the Silver Hawk. I needed some SciFiFantasy to get away from the day to day realities of life.
(3) Last bookI read: The Art Of War by Sun Tzu. Well re-read actually. As David said, theChinese still use these priciples of warfare.Our elected officials andt heir appointees need to constantly re-read this book.
(4) Five booksthat mean a lot to me: So many books, so few to select.
(1) TheFederalist Papers. They are the explainations of the Republic.
(2) TheArt Of War by Sun Tzu. His thoughts and ideas are still taught and used in China today. If your concerned about China's policies you should read this book. No need to improve on this answer.
(3) The Anti-Federalist Papers. Alwaysgood to see the opposing point of view.
(4) Diplomacy by Henry Kissinger
(5) Without Remorse by Tom Clancy. For reasons best known to only me.

I will be posting invitations some time early morning. So watch your comments!

Update: I have selected my victims:

Cao's Blog One smart lady!
e-Claire Another really smart lady!
Indigo Insights Another very smart lady and my beloved BlogMom!
Obnoxiuos Droppings My BlogBrother and I always did wonder what went on in the head of a Marine.
Pirate's Cove I always wanted to be a Pirate.

Let the games begin!

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