Sunday, June 12, 2005

Unilateral self-flagellation

Over and over again we keep hearing how Camp Delta at Gitmo is some kind of "gulag". Amnesty International went on and on about it in their annual report. When confronted, Amnesty International could provide absolutely no proof of their outlandish accusations. This is not the first time a lefist group, and yes, that is exactly what Amnesty Internationl has become, was long on accusations and very short of proof.

Now we have the usual suspects, the appeasers of Old Europe, terrorist appeasers and ass kissers, the usual crowd of dem/leftists and other leftists, whining that Camp Delta should be closed. Jimmy Carter once again has opened his mouth. He really needs to concentrate on building houses and remove himself from the world stage. He is, after all, a failed President and the guy who claimed that the recent fraud filled election in Venezuala was legit. These detainees at Gitmo are living a far more comfortable life then they did when they were out trying to kill Americans and any others that did not suscribe to their vision of Isalm. Ollie North takes those whiners to task in
his commentary.

"First, a truth check. When confronted with the facts, Amnesty International, once respected for holding the Soviet Union and other totalitarian regimes accountable for human-rights abuses, backed away from their accusation. "Clearly, this is not an exact or a literal analogy," offered William Schulz, head of Amnesty's U.S. branch. "In size and in duration, there are not similarities between U.S. detention facilities and the gulag. ... People are not being starved. ... They're not being subjected to forced labor." He could and should have gone further.

Here's Amnesty's "gulag:" Upon arrival at Camp Delta, detainees are issued a blanket, a sheet, two orange "jumpsuits," flipflops, a foam sleeping pad, two bath towels, a washcloth, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, a prayer rug, and a Koran. They are allowed two 15-minute showers per week; they get recreation time and three culturally sensitive meals daily. Schedules are respectful of Islamic traditions, prayer calls are broadcast five times a day and arrows painted on the floors point to Mecca. Their regular quarters include a flushing toilet, running water and an off-the-floor bed. Detainees who ask for them are provided soccer balls, playing cards, chessboards and paperback books. All this, courtesy of the American taxpayers the detainees have sworn to kill."

There you have an admission by William Schulz, head of Amnesty's U.S. branch, that there is no conceivable way that Gitmo is remotely comparable to the Soviet Gulags. Looking at what each detainee is given upon arrival, it makes one wonder how many of the world's poor wouldkill to receive this treatment.I doubt that in the history of warfare, any group of enemy combatants has received treatment such as this.

"Abdullah Mehsud, spent two years in Guantanamo after his capture fighting with the Taliban. He convinced U.S. interrogators he was an innocent Afghan tribesman and was released. Last October, in Pakistan, his "country of choice," he kidnapped two Chinese engineers. He says he and his followers will "fight America and its allies until the very end."

Mullah Shahzada spent two years at a special "seaside house" with fellow teenage detainees. There he was taught English, played sports and watched videos designed to make him "like us." After swearing an oath against violence he was returned to Afghanistan. Just weeks later he became one of 12 former detainees confirmed killed by coalition forces while fighting with Taliban al Qaeda units."

Here are just two examples of what happens when some of these detainees are released. They go right back to thier former terrorist activities. It is not surprising that some of the leftists want them all released. After all, there are those on the left that are openly rooting for this scum to win

"As for all of the claims of abuse: An al Qaeda training manual captured by British intelligence instructs those captured, "at the beginning of the trial... the brothers must insist on proving that torture was inflicted on them by state security before the judge. Complain of mistreatment while in prison."

These are enemies who refuse to observe any conventions, treaties or rules of warfare. They lie, cheat and violate agreements. They slice off heads like raw meat. They murder women and children. They fly airplanes into buildings.

But we're the bad guys."

The claims that Gitmo is a gulag, are pure and utter bullshit. I will remind you that this is a war, not a criminal justice issue. Others have tried to treat organized terrorism as a legal issue and have failed miserably. The detainees at Gitmo are not covered under the Geneva Convention as POWs, yet they are being affored many of the rights and privileges granted to POWs under the Geneva Convention, and in some cases, even more than that. It is time for the likes of Amnesty International to retract their outright lies. - Sailor

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