Friday, June 10, 2005

It depends what the meaning of 'misspeak' is

Howard Dean has made a great deal of news of late, mostly for sticking his foot deep down his throat. His down right slanderous comments about republicans has even some in his own party, those that are presidential wannabees, running away from the chairman of the DNC. Just a note to Dr. Demento, I am a republican and I work my ass off, so that makes you either a moron or a liar when you said republicans never worked a day in their lives. You can decide which you are.

Then there are those like Senator Durbin, who are claiming that Dean's troubles are all caysed by the vats right wing conspiracy. Umm, yo, Durbin, did Dean say what he was quoted as saying? Durbin further claims that the GOP is behind all of this as a diversion from dealing with issues. So Seantor, want to fill us in on all the dem/leftist plans to resolve the issues that face the Nation? Oh, just saying no, is not a plan, or have you not figured that out yet?

David Limbaugh has some additional thoughts
in his commentary.

"Assuming you're not dwelling in a cave with Osama, you've heard that Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said that many Republicans "never made an honest living in their lives," and that the Republican Party is "pretty much a white, Christian party." (As to the former, remember when Democrats, in their post-election, grief-born introspection promised to redouble their efforts to reach out to the Christian right and "values" voters? As to the latter, I haven't heard whether Howard cynically attempted this time to pepper his remarks with scriptural passages, as he is wont to do.)

Most of the Democrats who are even bothering to dissociate themselves from Dean's remarks are ones who aspire to the presidency, such as Sen. Joseph Biden and New Mexico gov. Bill Richardson, who said, variously, that Dean doesn't speak for all Democrats.

Oh? That's news to me, since he is occupying precisely the position of one who does speak for Democrats. Indeed, Democrat honchos were well aware of Dean's proclivity for GOP villification when they deliberately placed him in his current position. And need I remind you that Dean is a perfectly logical successor for Terry McAuliffe, who character-assassinated Republicans for sport?

Democrats knew what they were getting with Dean, and they chose him with malice aforethought. They either affirmatively support his endless defamation or have concluded it's the price they have to pay to mollify their antiwar, anti-Bush base. Either way, Dean's words were entirely foreseeable, even predictable.

Which is why it is a little hard to take Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid's disingenuous suggestion that Dean's comments were a mistake. Reid said, "Well, I think, as all of you know, that there isn't a single person that hasn't misspoken."

How true, but don't insult us by trying to pass this off as a misstatement. Did the faux mild-mannered Reid misspeak when he called President Bush a loser to school kids and a liar? As far as I know, he didn't retract the latter."

If Dean does not speak for all dem/leftists, then who does and why did they elect Dean as chair of the DNC? Perhaps they were all dazzeld by Dean's ability to raise money? Though that seems to have failed as some reports are showing donation to the DNC being severely outpaced by donations to the RNC. Dean is to the far left of the democrat party. His over the top rhetoric should really be no surprise to anyone that has follwoed his failed presidential run. As for Harry Reid, well Harry has lost it since he became Seante Minority Leader. I really think the pressure has gotten to him.

"Well, in full-throated Bill Clinton mode (attacking his accusers), Dean said, "You know, I think a lot of this is exactly what the Republicans want, and that's a diversion." He elaborated that Republicans are feigning outrage to divert the public's attention away from their problems on Social Security, gas prices and the war in Iraq.

Does this sound repentant to you? Next time I get caught robbing a bank, I'm going to accuse the police of diverting attention away from their failure to bring white-collar crime under control.

I agree with House Majority Whip Roy Blunt, who properly noted that "Democrats, while quick to publicly distance themselves from Dean, can't hide the fact that their national party chairman remains a sought-after presence in closed-door strategy sessions."

I'm afraid that Democrats know exactly what they're doing with Dean. They've decided, as a matter of strategy, that they have to vilify and berate President Bush and Republicans because it's the only real weapon remaining in their arsenal. For now, they've quit competing in the marketplace of ideas."

Quite frankly, I think it is the other way around. The dem/lefists, led by Howie Dean, are trying any way they can to divert from solutions and plans to fix the issues that face this country. By their continued attacking of the GOP and the President, they are keeping out of the media, the simple fact that they have no plan at all. Unless you call what they are doing now a plan. Soon you may see the slogan, "Howard Dean, the gift that keeps on giving, to the GOP". - Sailor

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