Monday, March 21, 2005

Weapons of mass disinformation

Here is a stunning indictment of socialism. Richard W. Rahn, in his article, sites facts and figures as to why socialism is a failed economic system, no matter who has tried it. He directly links the deaths of over 100 million people to socialist regimes.

"The "national socialists" caused the death of tens of millions of people. The communists in Russia, China, Cambodia and elsewhere caused the collective deaths of more than 100 million people and impoverished billions of others. (I happened to be at the Kremlin in Moscow in August 1992, when the Russia demographers announced they had determined there were 63 million "excess deaths" in the Soviet Union during Josef Stalin's reign -- 1923-53.)"
Those are staggering numbers!
"Back in the 1920s, the eminent economist Ludwig von Mises showed socialism it could not work because it could not provide a functional alternative to the price system to properly allocate resources. The Nobel Prize-winning economist, F.A. Hayek, provided the definitive proof of why socialism could not work in his last book, "The Fatal Conceit." The argument in essence is that if the whole world were socialist there would be no objective way to determine prices, thus no way to allocate resources efficiently."
We always here from the socialists in acedemia that socialism has failed because it has never been done correctly. They arrogantly want you to believe that they know how to do it right.
"People do not know the history of socialist disasters because the educational establishment and much of the news media have engaged in a massive cover-up."
Finally, Rahn closes with this:
"Perhaps the Internet will be our salvation, because it enables good people of conscience to get out the facts about the human misery caused by 200 years of socialist experimentation, without first being filtered by left-leaning information controllers."
All the more reason for the blogosphere to remain free of ANY government interference. - Sailor

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