Thursday, March 31, 2005

PFAW hold it's press conference.

People for the leftist, err, American Way are about to launch an ad campiagn in support of filibustering judicial nominees. RadioBlogger is on top of this and reports on their press conference, and has some things to say about their poster boy.

"Ted Nonini, a member of the Los Angeles Fire Department. I know you are getting weak in the knees, knowing a rank and file Republican firefighter is withdrawing his support for ending the Senate filibuster against judicial nominees, but let me add something to the mix that will shore up your support."
Nonini is the treasurer of local 112 of the IIAF. Do recall that the IIAF endoresed Kerry for President, without polling it's membership.
"Now here's what Mr. Nonini says in the new PFAWL ad:

That's the Mr. Smith who went to Washington filibustering the Senate to do what's right and fair. Hi. I'm a Republican. A common sense Republican. I like that my party controls the White House and the Congress. But I also know that our democracy works best when both parties are speaking out and being heard. Mr. Smith knew it, too. That's why he was using the filibuster. So that the other point of view could be heard. The filibuster has been around 200 years, and God knows our party used it whenever we needed it. but we're a two party system. And America works best when no one party has absolute power. It's plain common sense. So write your Senators today. Don't let anyone kill the filibuster."

As RadioBlogger points out, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is fiction. Seems a great many of those on the left like their little fantasy world. I find this ad to be quite dishonest. This is not about doing away with the filibuster for legislative issues, it is about doing away with filibustering on judicial nominees. What filibustering judicial nominees is doing is keeping the voice of the majority from being heard as well as defying the will of the people. After all, it was the American people that sent a majority of Republicans to the Senate.

RadioBlogger concludes:
"This campaign is a sham. I don't believe Mr. Nonini is a true Republican for a minute. He may be registered that way, but I don't believe his position in the Union gives him standing as a "common sense" Republican. He certainly has enough of a conflict of interest that wasn't disclosed in the commercial.

If he would have said, "Hi. I'm a Republican, and I am an office holder in my local union. And I side with the Democratic activists this time," it wouldn't have had the same desired effect.

Press the button, Mr. Frist. If this is the best the Democrats have to defend it, press the button."
This indeed a sham brought to us by another organization involved in hoodwinking us on campaign finance reform. Listen to RadioBlogger and myself, Mr. Frist, push the damned button already! - Sailor

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