Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Call Senate Democrats' bluff

It is time that President Bush's nominees for the Federal bench get an up or down vote by the full Senate. If is requires tthat the Republicans use the so called 'nuclear' option, then so be it. The Dems, led by Harry Reid are just continuing the same obstrutionist behavior that was started by foremer Senator Tom Daschle. Daschle was the first Senate leader in 52 years to lose a bid for re-election.

Senator George Allen (R-VA)
presents the argument for doing away with the filibustering of judicial nominees.

Senator Allen writes:

"Mr. Reid and his leadership team would prefer that a supermajority of 60 Senators be required to approve the president's nominees for the federal bench. But this flies in the face of over 200 years of Senate history. Never before have filibusters been used in this manner on judicial nominees. And, it's about time we put an end to this irresponsible procedural tactic.

There's a lot of talk in Washington about Republicans using the so-called nuclear option to move forward with the president's nominees. This term really shows how out of touch politicians are in D.C. When you explain to normal people in the real world that these nominees have the support of a clear majority of senators — they don't see a problem. In reality, moving forward with these nominees should be characterized as the "constitutional option."

As senators, we have a constitutional responsibility to give our "advice and consent" regarding the president's judicial nominations and that responsibility is being thwarted by a minority of Democrats who don't agree with these nominees' ideological positions. No senator has an obligation to vote in favor of a nominee, but every senator should have the backbone to get off their haunches and vote yes or vote no on these nominees and explain their vote to their constituents. "

It is high time the Senate got to the businees of voting up or down on judicial nominees. To Harry Reid and the rest of the Dems, if you do not like the nominees, vote against them. If you want nominees that suscribe to your ideology, then get Senators elected that share that ideology. - Sailor

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