Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The MSM's life and death distortions

Once again the MSM comes off as lazy, incompetent, agenda driven and/or just plain ignorant on their coverage of the Terri Schiavo case. Michelle Malkin provides some insight in her article.

"On a fundamental matter of life and death, the MSM heavyweights have proven themselves utterly incapable of reporting fairly. Take a widely publicized ABC News poll released on Monday that supposedly showed strong public opposition to any Washington intervention in Terri's case. Here is how the spinmasters framed the main poll question:

As you may know, a woman in Florida named Terri Schiavo suffered brain damage and has been on life support for 15 years. Doctors say she has no consciousness and her condition is irreversible. Her parents and her husband disagree on whether or not she should be kept on life support. In cases like this who do you think should have final say, (the parents) or (the spouse)?

A follow-up question asked:

If you were in this condition, would you want to be kept alive, or not?

The problem is that, contrary to what ABC News told those polled, Terri Schiavo is not on "life support" and has never been on "life support." The loaded phrase evokes images of a comatose patient being artificially sustained by myriad machines and pumps and wires. Terri was on a feeding tube. A feeding tube is not a ventilator. Terri can breathe just fine on her own.

And as many of her medical caretakers and parents have argued, if given proper rehabilitation, Terri could learn to chew and swallow on her own as well. She is disabled, not dead."
What really irks me is why the MSM has not asked why Terri Schiavo has not been afforded any therapies that may have helped her to regain some semblence of normalcy. As Michelle points out the woman is not brain dead, nor is she on life support. Why is the MSM continuing to push those points which are blatantly false? This is a travesty and the MSM once again has failed to bring any light on this matter. - Sailor

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