Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Eco-Extremism Being Ignored in School Shooting Case

It would seem that the MSM is once again in a dilemna on whether ornottoreport facts that may not be in line with their agenda. The teen that went on the shooting spree in MN, seems to have several links to radical environut groups. Cybernet News Service is reporting that the teen in question, Jeff Weise, had posted on a neo-Nazi website run by the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party.

""The national press corps now faces a moral dilemma, as they see it either consciously or subconsciously, given this killer's apparent connection to and the Nazis' inarguable praise for green groups, even the so-called 'establishment' gangs at the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) and Environmental Defense," Horner said."
Which means you can bet the ranch that the MSM will ignore the connection.
"Horner predicted that if the teenage shooter were in any way linked to conservative groups, the establishment media would have aggressively jumped on the connections.

"Things would have been so simple, and the gloves would be off immediately, were the shooter to have instead been found blogging on, say, a conservative political website linking to and praising the NRA (National Rifle Association) and anti-abortion groups," Horner said.

"Instead, despite the obvious issues, the killing spree now is likely destined for light news coverage instead of the frenzy of a competition for cover stories, serial reportage and in-depth worrying over troubling connections," Horner explained.

"So the story will now go without exploration and the press will soon return to Michael Jackson's courtroom wardrobe and spells of the vapors (a reference to fainting spells)" Horner added."
Simply stated, the MSN will not get into the details, less they have to expose the enviro whackos they give all that news space to. As Horner said, if this were a conservative website that Weise had posted on, the MSM would have gone into a feeding frenzy. Remember now, there is no media bias. But into that one and I have a bridge you may be interested in buying in Brooklyn. Sailor

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