Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Obstructionist Democrats

The democrats, led by Harry Reid are throwing a collective hissy fit over possible Senate rules changes that would eliminate filibustring of judicial nominees. Now Reid and is cadre are threatening to hold up Senate business over this. It would seem that the dems have not learned the lesson that Tommy Daschle learned this past November. Here are a few links to news articles on this.

Democrats Warn on GOP Judge Rule Change In this article, Reid claims this is an abuse of power.

GOP sees momentum in ending judicial filibusters In this article, the GOP claims to have the botes necessary to end judicial nominee filibustering.

HARRY'S HYSTERICS There are a couple of blurbs here and some links to other articles on this issue.

Some interesting reading here. I expect next that the dems will whine some more and maybe even threaten to hold their collective breath until they turn blue in the face. - Sailor

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