Saturday, March 19, 2005

Kerry Blasts Bolton, Wolfowitz Nominations

John Kerry is still running for President. I suppose he still has his eyes set on 2008. While Johnny stays to the left, Hilary moves to the right. It will be an interesting primary season. kerry will have to be sure to stay left, since his puppeteers, Kennedy and Soros are there.

Kerry on the Bolton nomination:

Of Bolton, Kerry said, "It is very hard to commence a new initiative in foreign policy and then [appoint] somebody to the United Nations who has been so destructive and so clearly dismissive of the U.N. process itself."

John, the UN process is very broken. Can you say oil-for-food, sex scandals or Dafur? Some how I doubt you can since Soros will not allow you to.

Kerry on Wolfowitz:

Kerry said Wolfowitz, whose nomination must be approved by the World Bank board, was "as guilty as [Defense Secretary] Donald Rumsfeld" of major miscalculations about the war in Iraq.

Yes there were mistakes made. There are in all endeavors such as this. Of course, one of the reasons you lost, Johnny, is because you had no clue what to do in Iraq. The fact the 25 million people are now free and 8 million of them voted is testament to the success in Iraq.

Kerry goes on to take a few more potshots at the President. You can read the rest of
his inane remarks here. - Sailor

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