Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Iraqi Citizens Fight Back

AP is reporting that after a group of terrorist thugs sprayed gun fire on a crowd of shoppers, Iraqi citizens returned fire and killed three of the bastards.

"BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Shopkeepers and residents on one of Baghdad's main streets pulled out their own guns Tuesday and killed three insurgents when hooded men began shooting at passers-by, giving a rare victory to civilians increasingly frustrated by the violence bleeding Iraq.

The clash in the capital's southern Doura neighborhood erupted when militants in three cars sprayed bullets at shoppers, Interior Ministry officials said. Three people - a man, a woman and a child - were wounded.

The motive was unclear, but there have been previous attacks in the ethnically mixed neighborhood. Earlier in the day, gunmen in the same quarter killed a policeman as he drove to work, police Lt. Col. Hafidh Al-Ghrayri said."
I am sure this will spark more whining from the leftists and terrorist supporters and appeasers. This is just another example of how much the Iraqi people are sick of these attacks. - Sailor

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