Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Faces of war: Soldiers hate war, too

It is a popular misconception among leftists and assorted other kooks, that slodiers some how love war. It is the warrior that more then anyone else abhors war. He knows what war is and he is the one that sees the head of a friend explode like a watermelon.

Of course we keep hearing how these leftists only hate war and not the members of the military. Once again, their lies are exposed. In this article from the
Syracuse Post-Standard. Army Captain Andrew DeKever, relates some of his experiences at Syracuse University.

"DeKever's welcome at home makes him wonder how bad Vietnam vets had it 30 years ago.

DeKever passes signs posted by students on campus that say, "Soldiers are baby killers," and "Soldiers are terrorists."

A classmate accused DeKever of loving war. The accusation brought to mind when he was preparing to go to Iraq. "

Once again the left shows it's true colors. Hat tip to grydth at ChronWatch. - Sailor

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