Friday, March 25, 2005

Hillary's friends are setting her up

Hilary Clinton keeps making a move to the center, or so we are led to believe. Now that may have worked for Bill, but then again Bill is a great orator, Hilary is not. Hilary has those inside the Beltway convinced she has moved enough to the center, but let's face it, those inside the Beltway are some times clueless as to what happens outside of the Beltway. Peter A. Brown of the Orlando Sentinal says Hilary is being set up by her friends.

"Hillary Clinton is being set up by her political friends and news-media allies.

Some Washington pundits are rethinking their conventional wisdom. The result is an emerging belief inside the Beltway that she has successfully moderated her political image.

In their view, Clinton has convinced bumpkins in The Great Beyond that she's no longer a loony liberal, but has remade herself into a centrist Democrat."
Hilary would like to think this is true as well, but the people that the left considers to be stupid, are a lot more in tune with what is going on then the leftists know.
"Just because she appears to get along with her Senate Republican colleagues does not mean that, in the public's eye, she has become a moderate with a serious chance to win the White House in 2008.

The Hillary-as-centrist crowd believes that because:

She has adopted the technique pioneered by her husband of making a show of understanding the other side's point of view without changing hers -- in this case on abortion -- she can get the votes of social conservatives.

She is visiting Iraq and Afghanistan with GOP senators and recently has been relatively quiet in criticizing President George W. Bush's conduct of the war on terrorism, she can plausibly argue she is commander-in-chief material."
Hilary has a clear record on abortion and she cannot hide from it, no matter how much she seems to listen to those who are opposed to abortion. As for her qualifications as commander-inchief, she has none. Unless her contant criticizm of the Pentagon and they way she treated the military when she was First Lady count.

Brown concludes with this:
"Centrist Democrats, who can count electoral votes and don't believe she can convince Americans she isn't the liberal they had always thought, are crossing their fingers Hillary does the same.

They understand how difficult it would be for her to win any states that Kerry could not, and they realize that, without some states in 2008 that they lost in 2004, the Electoral College will continue to deny any Democrat seeking admission.

Republicans want her to run because they think the centrist Democrats are right.

If Hillary were to put her party's future ahead of her ego, she would listen to her enemies rather than to her friends."
Quite frankly I believe that some in the GOP are dying to get their hands on Hilary as a candidate. - Sailor

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