Wednesday, July 27, 2005

With deft Roberts choice, Bush plays judicial jujitsu

Looks like the dem/leftists may have painted themselves into a corner on the Roberts nomination. Or perhaps the president maneuvered them into that corner? Dick Morrris has some opinions on this.

'The key is that Bush has used the Democrats' opposition to his district and circuit-court judicial appointments against them and made it a ratification of the Roberts candidacy. Simply put, by choosing a judge whom the Democrats confirmed unanimously when he was nominated for the D.C. Circuit Court -- and whom they did not filibuster -- Bush has made the Democrats impotent.

The Democrats thought they were preparing for the Supreme Court battle when they hit on their strategy of filibustering Bush's judicial nominations. They saw these battles as spring training to get them in shape for the real fight that would come when Bush made his Supreme Court nomination.

Instead, their strategy has backfired massively. By lending such a high profile to their opposition to Bush's lower-court appointments, the Democrats have effectively denied themselves the ability to filibuster anyone of whom they have approved in the past.

When the Democrats singled out certain of Bush's appointees to the courts for filibusters and strident opposition, they, in effect, gave their seal of approval to those whom they did not filibuster. Their silence is like the classic case in Sherlock Holmes of the dog that didn't bark'

There will be those dem/leftists that will stall for time, hoping those they are so beholding to, NARAL, People for the American Way, moveon, etc., will be able to dig up or make up some dirt on Roberts. Anything those groups produce will be immediately printed in the New York Times whether factual or not. The usual suspects, especially those dem/leftists beholding to NARAL will try and make Roe v. Wade a litmus test. Especially Chuckie Cheese Schumer. He heads up the dem Senatorial fund raising committee and will kiss up to NARAL to get more monies in. All in all, as Morris has pointed out, the dem/leftists have been severely out maneuvered by someone they consider to be dumb and stupid. Go figure! - Sailor

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