Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Rove-Is-A-Traitor Meme

On and on it goes. The leftists search to find some way to discredit this administration. Now it is the Karl Rove is the devil incarnate play. All of this over the alleged leak of the name of a CIA employee, who was not likely an undercover operative under the guidelines provided in the law that was allegedly broken. The left's hatred of Rove goes very deep, as evidenced by the posts and comments on numerous leftist sites. To bad the left has not spent the same amount of energy devise a plans and/or proposals to provide alternative solutions to those being proposed by republicans. Thomas Lifson has some commentary.

'Making him the pawn of Satan's Embodiment on Earth, Karl Rove, is even better. It gives them a logical ground on which to regard themselves as virtuous, and supplies all the motivation one could ever need for raising money, and going through the motions of contemporary activism: the endless round of parties, demonstrations, and posting of hate speech in the comment threads of Daily Kos and Democratic Underground.

The news that Karl Rove was somehow involved in revealing the identity of CIA desk jockey and Vanity Fair glam-shot model Valerie Plame really got their juices going. At last Satan's Spawn has made a fatal misstep.

But in their eagerness to denounce the man they blame for their tragic fate at the polls, they carried projection one step too far: they called him a "traitor" This is a serious blunder.'

Just another of many blunders the left has made over the last few years. Just look at the Danny Rather forged documents story, (many on the left still believe that those documents are not forgeries), and the so called "smoking gun" Downing Street Memos. Those turned out to be a popgun with a cork and string.

'When they tells us the whole world is against us, despite the evidence of a genuine coalition working together, and urge us to follow the likes of Jacques Chirac, who self-evidently wish us ill, then they raise uncomfortable questions about themselves.

The Democrat death-spiral continues. The FundieDem cult has taken the initiative, and become the public face of the Party, and Party officials, anxious to keep the donations from them rolling in, dare not confront them. By their failure to upbraid their supporters' excesses, they condemn themselves to minority status.'

As long as the dems allow the far left wing of their to be their face to the country, they will continue to lose elections. Sure, they love the money that these groups bring in, but in the end it is ideas that win elections. The dems have been lacking ideas and solutions for sometime now. - Sailor

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