Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Pennsylvania funeral furor

In a despicable show of total callousness, the Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania, showed up, uninvited, to the funeral of a Marine killed in Iraq. In a further show of utter disrespect, Catherine Knoll had the audacity to hand out her cards during communion. To add insult to injury, Knoll then tells one of the grieving relatives that the government is against the war. Why is it that leftists cannot fathom that not everyone is against this war, especially those that are fighting and dying? Jay Bryant has more in his article.

'In his statement, Rendell says, "It's not the business of state government to support the war, but our state supports the men and women who are fighting this war." That's technically right, of course, and probably the only thing the Governor can say. The Constitution gives the conduct of foreign policy to the Feds, and states, per se, have no business taking sides.

But someone needs to tell these Democrats that you can't be against the war and supportive of the troops at the same time. Because if you do, you are saying something like, "Have a good fight - even though you're not fighting for anything worthwhile."

That's not an acceptable position, and particularly not in the presence of a grieving family that desperately needs reassurance their loved one's life was given in a noble cause, as Sgt. Goodrich's most certainly was.'

Leftists learned some thing from their Vietnam experience. Back then they savaged the troops and the American people were not pleased by that. So now they make up this phony nonsense about how they support the troops, but at the same tell them that the cause they are fighting and dying for is not worth their efforts. People are seeing through this hypocrisy of the left. - Sailor

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