Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Real Extremists

With all of the praise the left is heaping on retiring SCOTUS Justice Sandra Day O'Conner, you would think she was one of their own. Indeed on some issues she did side with the left,most notably abortion. They have taken to calling her a "mainstream" conservative. Of course, the left believes that they are mainstream. Is this all just a setup for the looming fight on the nominee the president will present to replace O'Conner? David Limbaugh has some thoughts on this in his column.

"Their recent, unified celebration of O'Connor is part of their cynical calculation to position themselves as mainstream and Republicans as extremists. They see this as an essential foundation in their quest to garner the requisite public support to condone their imminent filibuster of the person President Bush nominates to replace O'Connor. This is one of the many reasons we can dismiss as disingenuous their denials that public interest groups and public opinion will matter in this process.

But do not dismiss the magnitude of the deception they are orchestrating here. They are hoping to convince the people that any nominee who is reputed to be an originalist is an extremist -- "outside the broad mainstream." Because they view the Court as a co-equal policy-making branch of government, they are treating the confirmation process as another national election.

Their bogus praise for O'Connor is simply the first step in their ruse. By lauding her as a "mainstream conservative," they lay the groundwork for labeling anyone less activist than her an extremist."

The left as always sought to portray conservative as extremist. The fact of the matter is that it is the left that is far outside of the mainstream. This is evidenced by the need of the left to have activist judges to enact their agenda, since they cannot get it legislated. They cannot do so, simply because they cannot get enough candidates elected that support their world view and agenda. So they will press to have more and more activist judges appointed to the Federal bench, including SCOTUS. Any nominee that the president presents, that does not tow the leftist line, will be called an extremist by the left.

"The dirty little secret is that the liberals are the extremists in this whole process. They are the ones who deny popular sovereignty by using the unelected courts to thwart the will of the people. They refuse to allow state legislatures to set policy when it is not consistent with their superior enlightened vision and they refuse to allow the Senate majority to perform its advice and consent role by their unprecedented partisan filibustering of judicial nominees. They won't even admit their liberalism, which is quite curious if they truly believe their ideas are mainstream.

They are afraid to leave the battles of the Culture War to be waged at the level of the culture and by the duly elected political branches. They insist on using the courts to cram social change down the people's throats -- because they know what's better for them. They are the ones who want the Court -- without any constitutional authority -- to foist customs and laws of foreign countries onto our jurisprudence.

So the next time these lockstep liberals tell us they are in the mainstream, remember that they not only aren't mainstream, they have contempt for those who are and for the expressed will of the people. And, they'll use any means necessary -- including propaganda -- to subvert the will of the people they pretend to honor."

You can bet your last dollar, that any nominee the president proposes will be filibustered as the dem/leftists will claim "extraordinary" circumstances. Read that to mean that the nominee does not tow the leftist line. The dem/leftists need an activist justice to foist their agenda upon the people. The very same agenda they cannot achieve through the legislative process. I for one, expect SCOTUS to adhere to the Constitution and not the laws of foreign powers. I also do not want judges creating laws that are the purview of the legislative branch. We have a bi-cameral legislature, not a tri-cameral one. You will see in the coming days and weeks, tons of propaganda generated by the left and duly reported as fact by their media allies. One also has to wonder just how much influence Harry Reid actually has. He is on the record as stating that the Attorney General is qualified, yet it is being reported that Gonzales would be filibustered. It is time that Frist employ the Constitutional option. - Sailor

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