Sunday, July 10, 2005

Wake Up, America

Once again, we have been reminded of just how vicious the enemy we face is. We sometimes become complacent, lose our vigilance and forget that we are at war. A war the likes we have never fought before. The closest to this war was the war with the Barbary Pirates back in the early 1800's. They were the last stateless enemy we fought and defeated. We will also defeat this enemy provided we do not lose our will and determination as well as not giving in to the notion that these miscreants can be appeased. An editorial in Investor's Business Daily hits on some of this.

"This is World War III, yet it's unlike any war we've ever fought. But adversaries and naysayers should make no mistake: It's a war on terror, and we will win it.

This new type of war flies under the subterfuge of God and religion. Yet our enemy's goal is to cold-bloodedly murder as many innocent people as possible, even its own people, and reassert total control and enslavement of women.

If al-Qaida and other gangster groups that have worked together against their perceived common enemies get their hands on gas, germ or nuclear weapons that work, is there any doubt they'd use them on New York, Washington, Chicago or Los Angeles?

This is the real threat — and why we, as the world's lonesuperpowerr, must fight anywhere, anytime to preserve our freedom and that of others.

You can be sure that if these terrorist thugs ever get their hands on a WMD, they will not hesitate to use it. Their goal is to kill as many of us as possible, men, women and children.They must be hunted down like the scum they are and eliminated. This is not a criminal justice issue. That has been tried and with very poor results. Those that think that it is a simple matter of addressing the perceived grievancess these thugs have presented as their reasons for their wanton killing, are only fooling themselves.Attempts to negotiate some sort of settlement with them, will only be seen as weakness and will further embolden them.

"The cowardly car bombers that our enemies employ cannot hope to overcome our military, the mightiest the world has ever seen. But they do hope their horrific acts can discourage the American people and their elected representatives back home.

They are aided in this endeavor by certain political leaders bent on appeasement and a national press corps focused mainly on body counts.

This is exactly what our enemies want. They hope we'll lose our backbone and quit, so that enslavement, intimidation and blackmail can prevail over freedom, equality and democracy.

The U.S. cannot be bought off like Saddam Hussein bought off France, Germany and Russia. Only by domestic dissent can we be defeated.

It's time to pull together as a people and give full support to our soldiers as they go about defeating a merciless enemy."

These terrorist leaders are very media savvy. They are not the poor oppressed people some would have us believe. They use and manipulate the media quite well, as evidenced by the statements of the usual leftist suspects, who whine and gnash their teeth over these thugs. Politicians such as Dick Durbin play right into their hands when that make statements such as he made. Let us not forget Amnesty International and their self admitted unsubstantiated allegations. Add Newsweek's false story to the mix as well. We must not lose our resolve, that will only serve to further embolden those we fight. Remember, their goal is to kill as many as they possibly can,no matterr who they are. If we keep the steel in our backbones, these forces of pure evil will be defeated. Only we can defeat ourselves. - Sailor

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