Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bush Nominates Roberts for Supreme Court

Judge John G. Roberts is an excellent choice for SCOTUS. Now the games will begin. It should be noted here that already NARAL has announced it's opposition to Roberts. NARAL has a great deal of influence, (read that as donations), over the dem/leftists. So you can expect there will be some whining and gnashing of teeth during the confirmation hearings. Here is some more information on the nomination.

'Roberts' nomination to the appellate court attracted support from both sides of the ideological spectrum. Some 126 members of the District of Columbia Bar, including officials of the Clinton administration, signed a letter urging his confirmation. The letter said Roberts was one of the "very best and most highly respected appellate lawyers in the nation" and that his reputation as a "brilliant writer and oral advocate" was well deserved.

"He has been a judge for only two years and authored about 40 opinions, only three of which have drawn any dissent," said Wendy Long, a lawyer representing the conservative Judicial Confirmation Network, adding that his record appears to suit Bush's desire to nominate a judge who will apply the law, as written, and leave policy decisions to the elected branches of government.

Advocacy groups on the left and the right already are gearing up for a fierce lobbying campaign in advertisements on television, radio, newspapers and the Internet. The battle is expected to cost tens of millions of dollars in spending by private groups.

One would think,with the across the board support on his last nomination and the quality of his legal opinions, this would be a no brainer confirmation. However, we know better. The groups that the dem/leftists' are beholding to, have already voiced their opposition to Roberts. I think we will see just how beholding the dems are to these leftist groups. - Sailor

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