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The Soros-Kerry Connection

Doc Farmer delves into the media bias over the 527 contributors and their connections to the candidates. He digs into the Kerry-Soros connection, which the so called mainstream media refuses to look into. Have at it, Doc! - Sailor

The Soros-Kerry Connection
Written by Doc Farmer
Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Politics is an ugly business. Politics also makes for rather bizarre bedfellows. In terms of vitriol, spite, chutzpah, and sheer hit-for-way-too-long-with-an-ugly-stick repulsiveness, 2004 has plumbed new depths. It started in 2003, before the lib/dem/soc/commie candidate had even been selected from the gang of nine, with well-financed hatred focused on one man.


For a year, we’ve heard the same refrain. ABB – Anybody But Bush. Anybody could include Saddam, Hitler, bin Laden, Mao, Stalin, etc., but for the lib/dem/soc/commies, Hey, that’d be just fine. Besides, they’re all closer to the political stance of the lib/dem/soc/commies of today anyhow. Bush was a deserter, or AWOL, or a coward, or a terrorist, or a fascist, or a chickenhawk, or whatever other derogatory terms the so-called left could pull out of its political thesaurus.

Lib/dem/soc/commies got away with this. The 527 committees, the bastard child of that unfortunate McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform law, were running roughshod over minor issues like the truth. Well, that’s par for the course, I suppose – this is politics we’re talking about. Nobody in the media seemed to question these ads. Oh, a few talking heads would lament how negative the ads were becoming. Odd thing, though – they always referred to Dubya’s ads. The ones that asked direct questions about his opponents in the election, about policies, about votes, about absences. Ooooh, that’s really negative! Only lib/dem/soc/commies could be fearful of the truth. It’s like sunlight to vampires for those jokers.

The 527s (the number coming from some obscure IRS subchapter shinola or other) had specific rules about how to be managed, how to be paid for, and how candidates could relate to them. The money was no problem – 527s could suck in as much cash as any donors wished to funnel in. Chief among the donors was one George Soros. A financier, an immigrant, an enigma wrapped in a puzzle cloaked in a crappy suit. A billionaire, or so we’ve all been told, who saw George W. Bush as the most dangerous thing to happen to the planet since the Paulie Shore movie marathon.

Mr. Soros decided that he would pledge money to several of these 527 committees. To the tune of $12.7 MILLION. That we know of. A very expensive tune, wouldn’t you say? Yet, nobody blinked an eye on the lib/dem/soc/commie side, except to wipe away a tear of gratitude and kiss Mr. Soros’ ring. Money was funneled into (odd name, since it has never seemed able to ''move on'' from Slick Willie’s impeachment or Gore’s electoral loss), MoveOn PAC, Americans Coming Together (to defeat Dubya, it would seem), and probably others that none of us have even heard of before.

All of this money, because one guy – one – doesn’t like Dubya.

Now, if that were the end of it, we’d all be rather bored. Yes, yes, trash Dubya, yawn, move along please, next ad, etc. But then, a funny thing happened. Not funny ha-ha, but funny infuriating for the lib/dem/soc/commies. Which is funny ha-ha to me. Well, a bit, anyway. A group of American citizens – not rich power brokers, just regular folks – who decided to use the same law as the lib/dem/soc/commies and tell what they know about the opposing candidate’s service in Vietnam. These were men who served with the candidate, who fought along side him, ate, slept, joked, laughed, cried, and went through the worst kind of hell together.

These men were the core of the ''Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.'' They filed affidavits, and swore under oath about what they witnessed all those years ago. They wrote a book, they made a TV commercial, and they aired it in a few key states where the Bush/Kerry vote is extremely critical.

The lib/dem/soc/commies went mad with rage!

How DARE these people question their candidate’s patriotism and service? How DARE they fund an ad with money from a Texas house builder, who ponied up around $100,000 (or 1/127th of what George Soros had shelled out for a year’s worth of hate-speak)? The lib/dem/soc/commies began a furtive search for any possible links between the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and the Bush campaign. Oh, the Humanity! the Kerry Camp cried, as it shifted into full female canine mode. It scrambled and found that a volunteer for the Bush campaign had shown up in the second TV ad the Swift Vets had produced. When the Bush campaign found out, the guy was gone. Still, though, the squealing of the impaled suidaens continued.

Yet not a peep about George Soros. Not a whisper about the manifold 527s that have been dragging America’s President and Commander in Chief for the better part of a year. Not a single investigation into the linkages between Jean François Kerrée and the committees who have been at his political beck and call.

When my editor came to me last week and asked me about an article on George Soros, I did my best to investigate the potential linkages between him and these committees. There was a lot of information on that subject. However, there was little in the way of direct linkage between Kerry and Soros. Oh, if you do a Google search, you’ll find umpteen-thousand articles and web pages that mention the two. You’ll find almost nothing that shows how those two camps are intertwined.

Of course, I’m not a reporter or an investigative journalist. I’m a columnist – a professional kvetch, if you will, who finds things to crab about and puts them into a (hopefully) informative and enjoyable format. I don’t have the background to dig up dirt on people.

However, to my considerable relief this evening, does. It has put together a rather telling (and well resourced) article that links some rather disturbing issues. A bit of cross-selling (ya want fries wit’ dat?) between the 527s and the DNC. You can find the article at but to make a long story short, and their ilk are BUSTED!

I particularly liked the irony that the Bush campaign released Col. Cordier immediately upon learning of his participation in a Swift Vet ad, when coupled with the fact that Kerry wouldn’t fire Zach Exley who used to be a DIRECTOR at Or, lest we forget, Jim Jordan who used to be the Kerry campaign king only to move onward and upward to Media Fund, another anti-Dubya 527 committee.

Despite all of that evidence, the lib/dem/soc/commie media continue to swing the camera away from the manifold Kerry/527 connections and focus instead on the miniscule or imagined Bush/527 connections. Even Fox News, that supposed kingpin of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, has Bill O’Reilly bloviating on about how bad or wrong the Swift Boat Veterans are, despite the fact they are providing sworn testimony that Kerry has not provided. O’Reilly looks to official Navy documents to discount the Swift Vets, but doesn’t seem to fathom that the documents were based on after-action reports written by a self-aggrandizing political opportunist who didn’t give a rat’s rear end about America, our troops, our POWs or anything other than himself. O’Reilly’s blindness is disturbing, but sadly it is less than surprising.

Now that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth have struck a nerve, the lib/dem/soc/commies are screaming and writhing in pain, demanding that we all join hands and start singing Kum-Bay-Yah, returning to a kinder, gentler campaign. The president is asking that all 527 committees cease and desist, while Kerry only seems to be concerned about the ones sticking the pins in their Lurch voodoo dolls.

To which I say, Tough! The lib/dem/soc/commies have 527s that have libeled and slandered the president, the vice president, and the nation as a whole. The Swift Boat Veterans have spoken the truth, at a fraction of the cost. If anything, I believe they should press on with their ads. They should be emboldened by the power of their candor, and continue to speak out as their conscience directs them.

Mr. President, I believe you are mistaken on one important point. You’ve stated that Mr. Kerry’s service in Vietnam was honorable. Mr. Kerry’s actual service, however, would appear to have been less than honorable. Although I understand your wish to be gracious to your opponent, to be above the fray, Americans deserve to know the truth about the central point of Mr. Kerry’s campaign – his four short months in Vietnam. Please, don’t hamstring the efforts of honorable and valorous Vietnam veterans who wish to set the record straight.


For those of you who wish to help the ''Swift Boat Veterans For Truth'' continue their campaign, you can donate to their committee at:


About the Writer: Doc Farmer is a writer and humorist who is also a moderator on ChronWatch's Forum. He formerly lived in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but now resides in Indiana. Doc receives e-mail at

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