Monday, August 23, 2004

MoveOn Ads OK; Swift Boat Ads Not OK, Kerry Campaign Says

More bullshit from the kerry campaign, now on 527's. Seems the liberal 527's are okay because they were formed before the current election cycle. Well, duh, how disingenuous is that? There was no doubt that Bush would run for re-election. To Debra Deshong, I say this, you are a hypocrite of the worst kind. So if you want to sue me, go ahead. You are nothing more then a shrill kerry ass kisser and a liar. When is kerry going to tell Soros to stop funding the liberal 527s? - Sailor

MoveOn Ads OK; Swift Boat Ads Not OK, Kerry Campaign Says
By Susan Jones Morning EditorAugust 20, 2004(

The Bush campaign has suggested that Sen. John Kerry join President Bush in calling off the dogs -- those "shadowy" 527 groups that run ads for and against Bush and Kerry.The liberal group and the anti-Kerry group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are both 527s, named after a section of the tax code.But on Friday, a spokeswoman for the Kerry campaign backed away from the suggestion.

She said what is doing is perfectly fine, while what the Swift Boat Veterans are doing is "dishonest" and "dishonorable."Debra Deshong of the Kerry campaign told Fox News there's a difference between and Swift Boat Veterans for Truth: " is an independent organization that existed well before the Kerry campaign," she said, whereas Swift Boat Veterans for Truth "is not an independent group.

"Deshong invoked Friday's New York Times article as proof: "And in today's New York Times, it details exactly all the ties this group (Swift Boat Veterans for Truth) has to the Bush White House."Deshong condemned Bush for not telling Swift Boat Veterans for Truth to stop running their ad. (Swift Boats say it wouldn't matter what Bush said -- see related story)"Again, we (the Kerry campaign) have nothing to do with these independent ads, like That is an independent organization that existed well before the Kerry campaign. They have every right to be running what they are under the campaign finance laws."

According to Deshong, "This is about the Swift Boat Vets that are running dishonorable ads that Bush refuses to condemn.

"What about the barrage of 527 ads thrown at President Bush? a Bush campaign spokeswoman asked on Friday."The fact is, not only has this president had over $62 million dollars spent attacking him by these shadowy groups, but let's not forget about Michael Moore's movie," said Bush campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Millerwise, also speaking on Fox News. She noted that for weeks, Americans could "hardly turn on a TV" without seeing Michael Moore "launch unbelievable attacks on this president.

"Millerwise said the Bush campaign would rather focus on the major issues -- including Sen. Kerry's spotty attendance at Senate Intelligence Committee hearings.

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