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Can America Survive a ''Thoughtful and Sensitive'' War Against and Terrorists?

Finally, some one actually understands why this is a war with terror and there can be no negotiations. Barbara Stock give a very clear and concise veiw of why negotiating with this scum will not work. - Sailor

Can America Survive a ''Thoughtful and Sensitive'' War Against and Terrorists?
-->Written by Barbara StockThursday, August 12, 2004
Out on the campaign trail, John Kerry has stated that if he were elected president, he would fight a more ''thoughtful and sensitive war'' against the terrorists. After the shock of the ignorance of this statement passed, laughter followed. A lot of laughter followed.
Perhaps some background is in order. First, who is the enemy? Many seem to be working under the misguided impression that if one man named Osama bin Laden is hunted down and killed, this war will be over. After all, when Hitler put a bullet in his brain, the war in Europe ended. Would it not be the same in this war? No, it would not.
Bin Laden is but one leader in a large group of radical Islamic fundamentalists who feel it is Islam’s destiny to rule the world. They believe that this has been promised to them by Allah. They were defeated once by the Christian Europeans and they have not forgotten nor forgiven. The enemy has now focused on the leader of the free world, the United States. We are the evil Satan that stands between Islam and the fulfillment of its prophecy.
Radical Islam has much of Europe within its grasp. A train was bombed and a country folded. Some European countries have growing numbers of Muslim immigrants that in some cases are now 20% of the population. Anti-Semitism is on an alarming rise in Europe. The slogan of ''Blame the Jew'' is becoming popular once again. A group of college students were touring Auschwitz carrying an Israeli flag and they were attacked by French students also on the tour. It is unconscionable that Jews would be attacked in such a place.
Spain set a dangerous precedence when it caved in to terrorist demands, voted in the anti-American government, and pulled its troops out of Iraq as the terrorists demanded. As an added bonus for the terrorists, Spain blamed the United States for the bombing instead of the men who actually committed the act. If terrorists are rewarded for killing, they will continue killing.
Radical Islam has many leaders, and Bin Laden is only one of them. Killing Osama will barely slow the terrorists down. Bin Laden will be immortalized as a martyr and his terrorist movement will continue, always looking towards its ultimate goal of world dominance. Radical Islam must destroy America and all it stands for to have any chance of success.
Let’s briefly review the tactics of this enemy. It has flown planes into our buildings, killing 3000 people in the blink of an eye. Terrorists strap bombs on to small children and, using remote control, blows them up after they are in a crowd. It has put bullets into a toddler’s head at point-blank range. This warring faction of Islam has blown up cars and buses, killing kindergarten children in Iraq and young men standing in line for a job. Funamentalist Islam slaughters fellow Muslims without a second thought. It has extensive plans for further attacks on America with the hope of killing thousands more people than it killed on 9/11.
Terrorists laugh at the Geneva Conventions and behead, rape, and kill men, women, children, and babies without regard. Terrorists kill them all and rejoice in the deed. White flags mean nothing to this killer. Weakness is a sign of victory to this enemy and it will move in quickly for the kill as any predator would do. This enemy is willing to die without hesitation for its cause.
Nature shows us that when a predator is stalking prey it shows amazing patience as it singles out the weakest in the herd. Then, it moves in for the kill. It is survival of the fittest. The strong live another day and the weak become a meal. Europe is slowly becoming a meal. The United States by contrast, has become the predator. The enemy did not expect this and its rage is expressed by its constant threats of how our streets ''will run rivers of blood.''
Now we return to John Kerry’s totally ridiculous statement that he wants to have a ''sensitive'' war against terrorists. How, exactly, does one do this? I cannot imagine how John Kerry can believe that terrorists can be reasoned with in a ''thoughtful and sincere'' fashion.
John Kerry has said that he will have meetings with world leaders where he will profusely apologize for the boorish behavior of America under the Bush administration. Kerry believes that this ''rejoining of the world family'' will cure all ills, and our allies--mainly France and Germany--will be our friends once again. But the question is, will they help America in the war on terror or will they continue to be concerned only about their own internal affairs? As has been clearly shown, many European countries are quick to capitulate to terrorist demands.
While John Kerry is busy being ''thoughtful and sensitive'' around the world, radical Islam will be planting its bombs in major American cities. Terrorists just love ''thoughtful and sensitive'' people. These people are easier to kill because they are busy being ''sensitive.''
No American president can sit at a table and negotiate with a terrorist leader because the term ''terrorist'' does not refer to a nation of people but a splintered group driven by an absolute belief in religious supremacy that has infected members of Islam all over the world like a disease.
John Kerry cannot have a ''thoughtful and sincere'' battle plan against people whose only desire is to kill all infidels, no matter how long it takes, no matter how many lives are lost. The enemy has spent generations preparing for this final battle. It has indoctrinated its children to hate. Radical Islam has ingrained in its children’s consciousness that dying for Allah while killing the evil ones is the only route to paradise.
The enemy cannot be reasoned with because it is incapable of reason. It does not understand ''thoughtful and sincere.'' Those words are not in a terrorist’s realm of conscious thought. An American president who uses such words will be perceived as weak and the predator will attack with renewed viciousness, sensing the kill.
History is repeating itself. The enemy has a different, more shadowy face, but it is just as lethal as past enemies. Make no mistake, its goal is the same. America’s response must be the same. The response must be decisive and lethal. The time for ''thoughtful and sincere'' passed almost four years ago when 3000 people died in an attack by an enemy emboldened by the weakness it perceived from the giant that had once again gone to sleep. Americans are awake, but dozing, and the war is far from over. Alas, the real war has just started.
About the Writer: Barbara is a registered nurse who enjoys writing about politics and current events. She has a website at Barbara receives e-mail at

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