Wednesday, September 26, 2012


As hard as the MSM tried, especially the NY Times, they could not put Carter over the top.  This is a rather lengthy article by The American Spectator, but well worth the read.  I am going to select one of the current battleground states, to give you a taste of the article.

On 15 October 1980, the NY Times ran an article claiming the race in Ohio was tightening up because big labor was in serious mobilization mode.  The NY Times/CBS polling, showed Reagan with a mere 2% lead, 36% to 34%, with two-thirds of the undecideds being women and Reagan was doing very poorly among those voters.  The NY Times also pointed out that 35% of those undecideds were from union households and they were breaking 2-1 for Carter.  

Reagan won Ohio by 10%.  In my opinion, all of this over sampling and weighting of these polls is an attempt to lessen the enthusiasm of republicans and conservatives to keep many of them home.  The MSM is essentially is trying to convince us that the election is over and Obama has won.  

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