Sunday, September 23, 2012


hattip: Mary

There is a self admitted Hamas Imam in New Jersey.  Mohammad Qatanani, freely admits to being a member of a known and listed terrorist group, Hamas.  Why he is still in this country is beyond me, though the article makes claims that it is corrupt New Jersey politicians that have prevented deportation.  I would think ICE would still be able to deport this terrorist, unless one of New Jersey's  Washington delegation has interceded.  Seeing how this Imam is in Passaic County, it is well possible that the article claims are correct.

The Imam has some "advice" for we Americans.  We  Seems we need to place limits on our First Amendment right to free speech.  He suggests that DHS prevent anyone from producing any works that are critical of IslamHe also wants the White House to prosecute the dude that produced the video.  It would not surprise me, based on the track record of this Administration, that they cave.

We need to contact our congresspeople and senators and demand this Hamas pig be deported!


  1. Mary Himlin4:38 PM

    He will certainly echo the so-called pres in that we are "abusing our free speech rights". For these fanatics, free speech and religious tolerance is a one way street. I do not travel one way streets with dead ends and turgid back alley ways. This scum should be deported.

  2. There is no reason that he should not be deported unless Obama wants him here!