Monday, September 24, 2012


In the opinion of many, myself included, the Chevy Volt is a lemon!  GM is only able to sell Volts to the federal government or at heavily discounted prices.  It has been reported that the Volt costs some where around 89,000.00 to build and now GM is selling them, discounted at 30,000.00.  How long will it be before GM needs another bailout?

There is also a deeper question of how will there be enough energy generated, on an already stressed electrical system, to charge all of these electric vehicles?  This article states that without using the gas engine, it takes about 10 hours to recharge the battery, at a cost of about 1.50.  I think most of us have noticed that electric rates keep rising as generating capacity drops, thanks to the EPA regulations attempting to destroy the coal industry.  With the increasing use of electric vehicles, we definitely need to increase generating capacity.  

As for GM, how long can they sustain this kind of per vehicle loss?

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