Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Time To Drill

It is high time that we tell Congress it is time to drill, develop our oil shale potential and get into clean coal technologies. Yes, we also need to develop alternate energy technologies such as wind, solar, geothermal, fuel cells and longer life batteries for electric cars. Of course we will need to build nuclear power plants to provide for the future electric demand. Reprocessing spent fuel will reduce the waste we need to dispose of. To those who claim that it will take too long to get the oil to the refineries, I ask this simple question, how long will it take to get these new alternative energy sources on-line? Further, how many religious nuts, worshipers of Gaea, you know them, they call themselves environmentalists, will try and go to court to stop these? They are already whining about transmission lines going through what they perceive as pristine areas. Then there are the Kennedy's, who stopped a wind farm from being funded in Nantucket Sound, claiming hazards to navigation. Fact is, Teddy himself was quoted as saying he sails his boat there.

Bottom line here, is that we the people, need to get on Congress to stop kowtowing to these environmental wackos and start selling those off-shore leases!

Sign the petition started by Newt Gingrich! To date there are 1,251,436

Sign here
people who have signed the petition. The goal is to deliver 3 million signatures by time the party conventions start. Spread the word ! - Sailor

You can listen to Dingy Harry Reid whining about oil and coal making us all sick!

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