Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama Disses Our Troops Again

Once again, Barrack Obama has dissed our troops. First, he ducked the opportunity to have a Town Hall style debate with John McCain, near Fort Hood, Texas, that was to be sponsored by veterans' and military family support groups. The head of the group, Carissa Picard, managing director of the Fort Hood Presidential Town Hall Consortium, even asked the Obama campaign for a suitable date, they never gave her one. Now, Obama has canceled a trip to visit our wounded troops in Germany. The very lame excuse is that Obama did not think it was appropriate to visit them on a campaign sponsored trip. There is never an inappropriate time to visit our wounded troops, unless, of course, you are just playing lip service to the claim of supporting them. I guess using the troops for photo ops on a Congressional sponsored trip was okay then.

Seems some of our troops are not buying into Obama's so called concern. They have been e-mailing comments on the staged activities in Afghanistan and Iraq (hat tip rbees at ChronWatch). Here is a typical comment;

“Dude showed up in a suit”, one email reads describing clothes Obama wore. Generally visits - as with McCain are in some type of Kaki or other uniform. Obama and all his entourage looked like they were going to a dinner party, or perhaps just trying to project that “authority” thing he’s always talking about.

This sort of leads into a commentary by Ralph Peters, in the NY Post today. Mr. Peters points out the hypocrisy of the left and their mantra of support the troops, bring them home.

So here are three straightforward questions for all the march-in-step lefties who howled, "Support our troops, bring them home!" before their new messiah decided that war's not so bad, after all:

* Given that your candidate acknowledges the need for more combat troops in Afghanistan, will you enlist and do your part? Or do you expect other young Americans to continue to bleed in your place?

* If your man is elected president and orders ground troops into Pakistan - which could lead to a much wider conflict - will you enlist and do your part? We'll need a lot more troops to occupy those badlands.

* If the next president yanks our troops out of Iraq, all the progress disintegrates, Iran moves in and we have to re-invade to clean up the mess, will you enlist and do your part?

I know, I know: Educated people like you are too smart and too important to serve in uniform. The military's for dummies, for losers. Serious players stay home and blog and bitch over double espressos.

Inhabitants of the left-wing blogosphere, have you no shame? Was your pacifism nothing more than a hipster pose? Bush is on the way out - are your principles leaving with him? Have you stopped to wonder if BHO might not be your LBJ?

As far as I am concerned, Barrack Obama and his leftist supporters could give a rat's ass about our troops. All these claims of supporting our troops is just so much political posturing. - Sailor

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