Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Keep Talking Wesley

It is time for the Sailor to add my 2 cents to the comments by retired General Wesley Clark. Remember this is the man Bill Clinton relieved of command and the man that almost started a shooting war with the Russians in Kosovo. All Clark has managed to do with this smear of John McCain's service is to highlight Obama's lack of experience. McCain, unlike John Kerry, has never made his service his reason for him to be President. So I say to the good General, keep talking Wes! - Sailor

Here is an editorial on this matter from the New Hampshire Union-Leader.

Clark on McCain: Keep talking, general

HERE IS HOW retired Gen. Wesley Clark chose to peddle Barack Obama for President over John McCain:

"(McCain) hasn't held executive responsibility. That large squadron in the Navy that he commanded -- that wasn't a wartime squadron. I don't think getting in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to become President."

Hasn't held executive responsibility? Let's see, Obama's executive responsibilities have included what? Right. The answer is: nothing. And thank you, Gen. Clark, for pointing out that John McCain commanded the largest fighter squadron in the U.S. Navy. He didn't just command it; he turned it around.

"Although plagued by fatal accidents in the past, the squadron had no fatalities under his command . . . and won its first meritorious unit citation. Mr. McCain's success attracted notice among the admirals in Washington," The New York Times reported in 2000.

McCain's qualifications do not come from being shot down. They come from a career in military and foreign affairs in which McCain displayed an uncommon strength of character and developed a sound judgment in those fields, which are so critical to the United States in this dangerous world.

His opponent, a career lawyer and politician, has shown that his own judgment in those areas is naive and ill-considered. Clark highlights those differences every time he seeks to denigrate McCain's service.

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