Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Many in the conservative base have issues with Senator McCain, and I am one of them. However, I believe that Senator McCain is a man of his word, that being said, I trust that he will appoint strict constructionist judges in the mold of Justices Roberts and Alito. This is an election that could well shape the Supreme Court for damn near a generation. the next president will have at a minimum two appointments to SCOTUS and possibly three. Many of the issues that conservatives are concerned about, abortion, gun rights, campaign finance reform and possibly immigration reform will be decided in the courts and will almost assuredly come before SCOTUS. Do you really want a President Obama making those appointments? Here are some excerpts from a New York Post editorial on this crucial matter. - Sailor

"Often, political causes are brought before the courts that could not succeed by democratic means," he said, "and some federal judges are eager to oblige."

McCain also took the two Dems to task for joining in their party's effort to delay approval of more than 30 federal judicial nominations solely for reasons of ideology and politics.

McCain, by contrast, worked with a bipartisan group of senators - "The Gang of 14" - to forge a compromise. The deal allowed President Bush to seat two judges of his choosing, John Roberts and Samuel Alito, on the Supreme Court, while blocking a GOP attempt to ban Senate filibusters for federal judges.

McCain vows to tap "accomplished men and women with a proven record of excellence in the law and a proven commitment to judicial restraint."

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