Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So Much for Free Speech

I really should not be surprised by this, after all leftists like those at this university only believe in free speech when that speech conforms with their world view. I hope Ms. Dixon files a law suit and federal charges for the violation of her Constitutional rights. University officials of this kind have no right to intimidate employees from expressing their opinions, especially outside of their job duties. It is my opinion that not only was her firing improper, but illegal as well. - Sailor

Cybercast News Service has learned that a University of Toledo administrator has lost her job because she wrote a newspaper commentary that questioned whether homosexuality is a civil rights issue.

Crystal Dixon, the associate vice president of human resources at the state university, had earlier been put on paid administrative leave for the Apr. 18 column published in the Toledo Free Press, as detailed in a previous CNSNews.com report.

"She has been fired," said Brian Rooney, spokesman for the Thomas More Law Center, an Ann Arbor, Mich.-based legal-defense group which is representing Dixon.

Rooney told Cybercast News Service that the university had offered Dixon "another position, in a different part of the university, not in human resources" because she had argued in her editorial that sexual orientation is not an immutable characteristic like race or sex and should not be afforded the same protection under civil rights laws.

"She said no, that's when she was fired," Rooney said. "We are going to do everything we can within the law to try to show that the firing was improper and potentially illegal."

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