Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dan Rather Says Other TV Networks Refused to Hire Him

Gee whiz, Dan. What did you expect after running with a story that used falsified documents, that were never properly vetted. Then to top it off, you ran around saying that you knew it was true, but never offered a single shred of evidence. You real intent was to impact the election. You gambled that no one would figure out that those documents were faked. You tossed the dice and you lost. Get over it and move on! Here are a few snippets from the article. - Sailor

Rather and his agents also met later with Fox, A&E, History Channel, HBO, Discovery Channel and National Geographic television networks, court papers say, but all passed, saying he was "too hot to handle" or "words to that effect."

Rather's papers say he could have defended the Bush story, but, relying on CBS' promises to defend him and extend his contract, he was "misled into remaining silent and unfairly taking the brunt of the blame for misconceptions about the broadcast."

He left CBS on June 16, 2006, after more than 40 years at the network. He has since signed with HDNet, a cable network with limited distribution.

"Although now working, Mr. Rather's (on air) exposure is dramatically limited and, accordingly, his reputation and standing in his trade and profession have not recovered from the damage caused by the defendants' conduct," court papers say.

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