Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Help Our Toops Get A Little Piece of Home!

Received this in an E-Mail today. I know things are tough out there with energy and food prices being what they are. But, try and dig deep and get our troops a little piece of home. If you think we have rough here, you should see how rough they have it! - Sailor



This Thursday, June 26th is the huge "From the FrontLines" 8-hour telethon hosted by the nation's largest pro-trooporganization Move America Forward - http://www.MoveAmericaForward.org

Our goal: to send the largest single shipment of care packages in U.S.history. We're hoping to collect sponsorships in excess of $500,000 forcare packages by the end of the day Thursday.

* Today Rush Limbaugh promoted the effort on his nationally syndicated show:


* Also, The San Francisco Chronicle wrote about it:


* And the Sacramento Union has two stories about the broadereffort:

Here: http://www.sacunion.com/pages/california/articles/9981/

And Here: http://www.sacunion.com/pages/sacramento/articles/9974/

Now we're looking for help from the blogosphere. Weare asking for your help to get the blogosphere to explode with mentions ofthis effort - so that any American patriot who loves our military and issurfing the Net the next two days is sure to know about this effort. If nothing else, please ask your readers on June 26th to tune in to"From the Front Lines" via http://www.HotAir.com http://www.ustream.tv/channel/from-the-frontlines

Supporters of our troops can sponsor care packages at: http://www.MoveAmericaForward.org

P.S. If you want some more inspiration, check out what SuperBlogger Spree did.

First she blogged on Wake Up America:


And then had this piece published at DigitalJournal.com


Now please be sure to do your part to help! :-)

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