Monday, November 22, 2004

Liberals' Racism Exposed

Liberals have always been racists, but have been too stupid to realize that they are or so full of their own self importance that they do not understand they are. - Sailor.

Liberals' Racism Exposed
Antonio Williams
Monday, Nov. 21, 2004

Last Monday morning, President Bush announced that Condoleezza Rice, his national security adviser and a black woman, would succeed Colin Powell as the next secretary of state. By promoting Ms. Rice to the position, President Bush continued his policy of picking the best man or woman for the job, and won another decisive victory in the battle to encourage a color-blind America.

On Tuesday morning, benefactors of racial tension got their revenge. The Washington Post ran a cartoon portraying Ms. Rice with protruding lips and buck teeth. CNN announced the president’s decision with a photo of Ms. Rice, with the words “Movin’ on up” – a reference to the once-popular "black" sitcom "The Jeffersons" – superimposed over it. And John Sylvester pulled out all the stops by referring to Ms. Rice as an “Aunt Jemima” on national radio.

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This is not the first time Ms. Rice has found her race in the grip of the media beast, and it certainly won’t be the last. However, the media’s portrayal of Ms. Rice, coupled with the silence of African-American politicians, organizations such as the NAACP, and the Democratic Party, highlight once again their belief that racial integration takes a back seat to maintaining their hold on the black vote.

It is no secret that the cornerstone of the Democratic Party is the black vote, but what is a secret is that liberals don’t share a single vision with African-Americans.

The majority of African-Americans oppose same-sex marriage, Democrats support it. Democrats preach higher taxes, while African-Americans benefit from lower taxes. African-Americans support smaller government and states' rights, while the Democratic Party has whittled away at local government and urged the surrender of the most basic aspects of our lives to the federal government for decades.

So, then, if the Democratic Party opposes African-Americans on almost every issue, then why does the black vote continue to be the cornerstone of the party? The answer is affirmative action.

Coming out of the civil rights movement three decades ago, affirmative action was an attempt to address our nation’s long history of racial and sexual discrimination. Ideally, affirmative action would require managers, or admissions officers, faced with two similarly qualified candidates to take into account the individuals' backgrounds and the obstacles they had to overcome.

In reality, affirmative action continues the racist polices of the past by instituting the use of race-based criteria, such as quotas and timetables, to increase diversity. The end effect of affirmative action is that it cements the racial divide as whites blame affirmative action for robbing them of promotions, and minorities and women resent the perception that their success is unearned.

While the obvious answer to the broken policy of affirmative action is to mend it or end it, those who have built their careers on the racial divide prefer to keep affirmative action just as it is. By maintaining affirmative action in its current form, Democrats and the media are able to portray the Republican Party as racist and hold on to the black vote in spite of opposing African-Americans on every issue that matters.

That is why they hate Condoleezza Rice. As a successful black woman who grew up under Jim Crow segregation in Alabama, she epitomizes what is possible in a society that rewards hard work and commitment. Instead of celebrating her promotion to secretary of state as a collective victory for all Americans, those promoting the racial divide have tried to vilify and reduce her through racially loaded images and words.

These race brokers divide not only the nation but also African-Americans, because they know that only together we shall overcome.

Antonio Williams, an African-American, is a former speechwriter for the federal government and a Republican. He is also a graduate of Macalester College.

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