Wednesday, November 10, 2004

DemocraticUnderground Advocates Killing of American Troops in Fallujah

Well the commie and left wing scum bags over at DU are showing their true colors now. You can have at them there, but you will be banned in a heartbeat. It will be worth it though. In the meantime, write to your elected officials and the IRS. - Sailor

DU Article

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

DemocraticUnderground Advocates Killing of American Troops in Fallujah

My original article was going to show the difference between comments made on conservative and liberal blogs, regarding the Battle of Fallujah. Most Americans view the Battle of Fallujah as a defining moment in the fight against the terrorists in Iraq.

I started viewing some of the Democrat blogs like Dailykos, and Bop News, and then I came across

After reading the comments on that website, my blood was boiling and my hair was raised. Immediately, I erased all the other Anti-American/ Anti- Bush comments that I had compiled from the other liberal sites.

Dummocraticunderground stole the show.

After reading the anti-American, treasonous, seditious comments on Democraticunderground, I became convoluted about unlimited free speech. We all enjoy free speech.But, should it be used to advocate the killing of U.S. troops at war?

You decide...

The U.S Government defines a Terrorist Organization as a group that "advocates destruction of the United States"

Description of DemocraticUnderground from website:

"...DU has become one of the premier left-wing websites on the Internet, publishing original content six days a week, and hosting one of the Web's most active left-wing discussion boards."

Marines turn to God ahead of anticipated Fallujah battle
(comments from above article)

"they might as well drink kool-aid. I guess they have to turn to something, doesn't sound like their leaders have much on the ball."

"its a f*cking crusade.
God is not going to bless this. God does not bless murders of human beings in wars based on lies."

"Lots of simple, rustic, ignorant, young men and women from Jesusland
Are about to become Shredded Hash for the Halliburton and Bush Criminals."

"may they get what they deserve"

"Here here!

"What do you mean by that?
Don't be coy, just come out and say it"
(the only poster who questioned advocating the killing of American Troops)

"We should praise for more blood bath
God help the innocent Iraqi civilians"

"I'm speechless with anger. They want a little light amusement before they get down to the serious business of murdering and destroying."

"Yes, just like at Abu Ghraib
'just having us some fun' "

"They're ABOUT to re-enact the "City of Hue" battle of '68
where 140 marines died to "free" another city from another 'evil'. "

"Well, they can't appear sensitive to the enemy...
Our army has gone insane... bringing the image of the ROMANS to Iraq!"

"at least it must help the saner Marines be less afraid of dying,because
they realize if they get killed they at least won't have to be around these fanatic pea-brains anymore"

"God will bless the meek and the innocents that will lose thier lives"

"Poor Iraqi civilians....100,000 of them dead and still counting
Dear God!"

"Evangelicals put blessed oil on their heads for protection."

"If they want to pretend it's the second crusades, what the heck, let 'em do it. It's not too far from the truth anyway. May their Screamin' Jesus spare the remaining civilians from bullets and shrapnel and napalm fire."

"They have always done this
They are full of sh*t, but it makes them feel better that their soul will go to heaven when they get snuffed out by an Iraqi national who is attempting to liberate himself from US colonial control."

"Lawd, give me the strength to bomb little babies in your name, amen."

"Not my problem anymore.
F*ck 'em. If they want to pray, go for it. If they die, too bad, but not my problem anymore. They have the choice not to fight, they choose to fight and support the emperor Bush. Too bad."

"They better pray
After all the innocent lives they are about to take, it will take a lifetime of prayer to wash themselves clean of their sins and save themselves from Hell. That is, assuming they survive this little Crusade of theirs."

"Sick, sick, sick.....
these people are sick. If one of them dies, how do the rest rationalize his death? Well, let's see...he didn't pray enough...he didn't pray the right way.....Gawd had to pick and choose which prayers he/she would answer.....I'm tellin' ya' - these fundies are wacko."

This board doesn't allow you to feel compassionate about the Military"

"This whole spectacle reminds me that they are no different than jihadists and Islamic fundamentalists. They are the same creatures."

Iran Says Will Retaliate if Nuclear Plants Hit
(comments from above article)

"IRAN has THREE submarines.....
All it takes is one to destroy an aircraft carrier...."

"Iran could beat the U.S. Navy and this is how
The U.S. Navy currently sends it's warships through the Strait of Hormuz. This is a very tight choke hole. If the Iranian could sink a Carrier in the Straits of Hormuz, the U.S. Navy would be sitting ducks over time in the Gulf. "

"Iran's modern missiles can do plenty damage, no system is fool-proof.Iran can't take out the US fleet, but they can cause plenty damage and nuisance to US supply lines in the Gulf."

"I hope they nuke US forces.
Maybe that'll teach us. They have a right to defend themselves from our imperialist advances, and we have a right to a non-Holocaust mindset in our government."

"Handle your business Iran. Do what you gotta do!"

"Bring it on
It's a terrible thing to say, but I find myself rooting for the Axis of Evil."

There you have it. Now if that is not seditious speech, then there is no such thing.

Is there a limit to Freedom of Speech? If so, what do you think should happen to that website? Would it be a dangerous precedent for the Government to act upon terrorist sympathisers, such as

I have mixed feelings. On one hand I realize that the comments were probably posted by some hippie-drug addict- 1960's burn-outs, who hate America, and are harmless. On the other hand, I feel that it is the administrators responsibility to filter out such comments.

If it were up to me, I'd have the owner, David Allen, arrested for inciting violence against U.S soldiers. Period.

Perhaps the IRS should look into Mr. David Allen's tax returns. I wonder if Mr. Allen is claiming all of the donations he receives from his loyal traitors. Hmmm...

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