Monday, November 01, 2004

"Dear Fire Fighters For Bush:"

"Dear Fire Fighters For Bush:"

Letter of the Week

Debra Burlingame

My brother was Capt. Chic Burlingame, (USNR, ret.), pilot of American Airlines flight 77, Pentagon attack, 9-11-01. I humbly ask you good folks to come to our website, and read the letter we have posted explaining who we are and why we support the president.
An Open Letter to America
"Three years ago, on the day that began as a beautiful September morning, 19 men and their sponsors carried out a brutal and devastating attack on our country, leaving 3,000 innocent men, women and children dead, including our loved ones. In those first agonizing hours, and for weeks and months afterward as we searched for word of their fate, we were aware that the shock and horror of that day was not ours alone. With a gratitude we could not yet express, we felt the strong and steady embrace of our fellow Americans. The words, “Never forget,” defiantly written in dust or humbly penned on makeshift memorials, were also permanently etched in our hearts. We will never forget your strength, your courage and your endless generosity.
We speak to you now in the same spirit that you spoke to us then, as Americans, united on behalf of our country...."
Recently, five 9/11 widows held a press conference to announce their support for Senator Kerry. These ladies have enjoyed a great deal of media attention in the last two years.
Although 195 9/11 family members have co-signed our letter, we can't get the mainstream media to report it.
We would like you and other 9/11 families to "stand with us" and sign the letter. We don't think five ladies who blame the president for their husbands' deaths should have more influence than thousands of other family members...but we don't know who and where they are. Please send our web address to everyone on your email list. To be clear: we want 9/11 families, friends of the lost and ALL AMERICANS who wish to stand with us to sign in.
Thank you for all you do, for all you have done since that terrible day, on behalf of us all. You will never know what your support these three years has meant to us all.
God bless, Debra Burlingame, proud sister of an American patriot.
"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my children will know peace." Thomas Paine

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