Sunday, November 04, 2012


hattip: Bill Spetrino

 When Robert Gay's daughter went missing, Mitt Romney shut down his business operations and organized the search for Robert's daughter.  Romney also hired private investigators, asked people he did business with in that area to assist and co-ordinated with local law enforcement.  I have no idea how much it cost Romney to do this, but it is obvious that Mitt's only concern was finding that teenager.  This has a happy ending, the young lady was found in time!

This is the kind of man that can lead America into a bright, new future!

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  1. I'm watching Romney's speech in Iowa as I write this. I'm observing a leader. That's something this country has gone without for four years. Obama's record is, in a word, dismal. Romney's on the other hand is exemplary. I hope he wins Ohio, unlike the Oiho Obama wants to win. In 48 hrs. we all will know. I'm 67 and I'm getting excited anticipating a Romney/ Ryan ticket win.