Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Let me start with the whiningHoward (the screamer) Dean, claims that the only way the dems can lose is if there is voter fraud.  Wait a minute.  Aren't the dems the ones that claim there is no voter fraud?  Every time a state considers passing laws the dems claim it is over attempts to suppress voters that would be inclined to vote for them.  So tells us, Howie, how can there be voter fraud?

There are many reports of intimidation to accredited GOP poll watchers.  In Detroit, a GOP poll watcher was threatened with a gun and his 911 call was rejected.

There are several issues in Philadelphia.  Several GOP poll watchers were forcibly removed from polling places and replaces by dem operators or members of the New Black Panther Party.  It took a court order to get them back in.  One Philly polling place had a mural of Obama which the same court order, ordered covered.  It has only been partially covered.   The Black Panthers are also at some polling place, though without the batons this time.

In Florida, a polling place has an Obama poster hanging on the wall.   In Chicago, a poll worker is wearing an Obama hat.

In what I find a delicious irony, some of these so called UN observers were amazed that many states do not require voter photo ID.   Just as a refresher, groups such as the NAACP, ACLU and others that are opposed to the voter photo ID, invited the UN to observe our elections.

If you feel you are being intimidated or you believe you see insances of voter fraud, do not hesitate to report it.  If the is a UN observer in or close to your polling place, asked for them to be removed, as they have no legal right to be there.  Then report it.

Most of all, get out and vote!!!! 



  1. Mary Himlin1:42 PM

    Mark, have you heard this one? A local friend of mine - whose information is always spot-on - informed me earlier that - should the popular vote for 'bama be less than 3% less than for Mitt Romney, 'Bama's attorneys are standing by to immediately file a lawsuit for recount - and the plan is to then create a constitutional crisis and tie this up for years - while 'bama remains on his throne.

    1. That would not surprise me in the least. This king wannabe will do anything to hold on to power. Though I do not think they will be able to tie things up for too long, as I am sure it will all be fast tracked by the courts. Though Obama may try to declare martial law and perhaps even attempt to suspend the Constitution!

  2. MaryHimlin2:18 PM

    THAT I would not put past him. There were those who were worried he would do this just prior to NOvember 6.

    1. If he does, the military may not follow what they would consider an illegal order.

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