Monday, June 26, 2006

Rebuild the Towers

This stalling and political posturing has gone on long enough. I an asking all of you to sign the petition at the Twin Towers Alliance. Here is their mission statement:

"Who Are We?

We are Democrats and Republicans, New Yorkers and Californians, Northerners and Southerners. We come from Idaho and Michigan, Canada and Hungary, Japan, Australia, and China. We live in Italy, Denmark, New Zealand, Mexico and Holland. In other words, we’re from diverse backgrounds and probably disagree on a number of things — but, we are united in believing that the Twin Towers should rise again.

We are the millions who cheered last year when Donald Trump called for new Twin Towers and who then had to watch as he was lampooned by clueless, self-important critics.

We are people with common sense, who recognize that failure to rebuild the Twin Towers would be seen around the world as capitulation and cannot resign ourselves to that undesirable and unnecessary fate.

It doesn’t have to end that way - nothing insurmountable stands in the way of building dazzling new Twin Towers as the crown jewels of a vibrant new World Trade Center.

If you are one of us, please do not hesitate to take a stand. You can either be part of the solution or part of the problem. We need you now. Lend your name to this cause and encourage others to do the same. The timing could not be better.

The power structure at Ground Zero is falling apart at the very time we are prepared to come together in record numbers! The groundwork has been laid for a victory of idealism over cynicism and resolve over apathy. We have a rare opportunity to stand together and be counted or we won’t count at all.

The People are speaking - our leaders should listen:


Why do anything else?

Please spread the word by adding the following signature to your emails and suggesting others do the same. And please do bypass the gatekeepers and make our case in the blogosphere. Thank you.


The sooner we get the towers rebuilt, the sooner we tell this terrorist scum that we will not be intimidated! - Sailor

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