Thursday, June 29, 2006

Is Rat Jack Murtha in Trouble at Home?

Is the left's favorite Marine in trouble at home? Could be Rat Jack Murtha may have a fight on his hands to keep his seat in Congress. Murtha's recent comments about the US being the biggest threat to peace and his totally asinine comments on the redeployment of US forces to Okinawa, have some people thinking it may be time for Rat Jack to be voted out of office. Robert Novak has some insights in his recent column.

"Murtha's opposition to the war has never been the real issue. His assertion that the U.S. is the greatest danger to world peace is only the most recent and perhaps most striking example of his potentially dangerous venture into the great left. Even more offensive were his statements condemning Marines who allegedly participated in a massacre in Iraq, which gave no regard to the presumption of innocence or the existence of evidence (the Marines involved maintain their innocence).

In fact, by stating that he had high-level confirmation that a massacre occurred, Murtha may have set a trap for himself. As the court martial begins, he is likely to be subpoenaed in the pre-trial hearings to testify to allegations of inappropriate command influence on the trial. He risks having his high-level sources of information exposed, or exposed as flimsy -- or even non-existent."

One of the defense lawyers in the Marine case have already stated they will call Murtha as a witness. Just a little note here to Rat Jack, the people of Okinawa will not welcome more US forces as Rat Jack claimed. For years now, these folks have been demanding a reduction in US forces. One other thing, Okinawa is over 4000 miles from Iraq. Looks like Rat Jack has forgotten his logistics. - Sailor

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