Saturday, March 25, 2006

New FEC Rules Would Regulate Paid Web Ads UPDATE

I found this article buried in AP Tech News. I am trying to find out more, but on the surface, it looks like the FEC will keeps it's hands off the blogosphere.
"There has been an explosion of political activity on the Internet and political bloggers who offer diverse views say they should be free of government regulation.
n a summary of the proposal, the FEC said the rules "are intended to ensure that political committees properly finance and disclose their Internet communications, without impeding individual citizens from using the Internet to speak freely regarding candidates and elections."
The revised definition includes paid Internet advertising placed on another person's web site, but does not encompass any other form of Internet communications.
A recent federal court decision on campaign finance law held that the previous definition of "public communication" impermissibly excluded all Internet communications."
If anyone has more on this, a clarification or the actual text, please use my comments to leave a URL. - Sailor

UPDATE: I found the text of the FEC ruling. It is in .PDF format and 96 pages. - Sailor

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