Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Forever Blue Projects

A dear friend, and the lady of one of my brethren, is putting together some events to honor Navy SEALs. As some of you may know, the SEAL Community lost 11 members not that long ago. This loss was staggering, especially to such a small community. Navy Blue's (that is the name she uses to post with), project is threefold:
"To partner with the Naval Special Warfare Foundation in educating the public about the history and role of America'’s Naval Special Warfare Sailors.

To raise funds that directly benefit the Naval Special Warfare Foundation in its mission to serve active duty naval special warfare personnel and their families, and the children of fallen US Navy SEALs.

To honor the US Navy SEALs for their service to our country and remember their fallen comrades, including the eleven SEALs who died during combat/rescue operations in June 2005."
Please support Navy Blue by visiting the web site she has created and by helping and participating as you can. - Sailor

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