Sunday, August 28, 2005


As I mentioned before, my friend Kara would would be posting commentary here every now and again. Today Kara weighs in on securing our borders. This is a good read. - Sailor

' Countless numbers of illegal aliens pass through our Mexico borders every day. If a truck filled with migrant workers can pass undetected across the border between Mexico and the US, who's to say that al Qaeda can't easily sneak in terrorists and weapons. The fact is, they can, and they DO!

The Washington Times has noted the testimony of a Homeland Security Department official who testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding al Qaeda and America's southern border. The official told the committee:

"Several al Qaeda leaders believe operatives can pay their way into the country
through Mexico, and also believe illegal entry is more advantageous than legal entry for
operational security reasons."

In particular, the border between the U.S. and Mexico stands ready as a huge
"welcome mat" for terrorists, weapons, and equipment. It's time that someone
puts two and two together and sees that a real war on terror includes stopping
terrorists before they actually enter the country.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said there's "no secret" that al Qaeda will try
to get into America "by any means that they possibly can." Secretary Rice added,
"That's how they managed to do it before and they will do everything that they can to cross borders."

She noted that Americans should not be "alarmist" or "surprised" by this news, but should react to it.

I agree, and the best way to react to this information is to get serious about border security and put politics aside. Waging a real war on terror depends on us securing our borders. However, one of the primary problems in addressing border security is that it is immersed in the politically-charged, overall issue of illegal immigration. This predicament leads to many problems in dealing with border security because there are so many other questions involved:

What does America do with the millions of illegal immigrants already in the country?

What does America do to the employers who hire illegal workers?

Why does America promote a "guest worker" program on one hand, while fighting a war on terror on the other?

More roadblocks to a serious discussion about border security have been set up by traditional conservative publications like the Wall Street Journal and leaders such as Jack Kemp who have labeled those who support stricter controls on the border as "anti-immigrant" and racist.

It is a ridiculous notion that ILLEGAL immigration, and LEGAL immigration are the same thing. They are not! Anything that is “illegal” is against the law. Enforcing that which is “against the law” is certainly NOT racist or anti-immigrant.

Although it is true that in our nation’s history we have often looked the other way as hoardes of illegal aliens crossed the border into our country, in these frightening times of terrorism it would be a very foolish thing for us NOT to do everything possible to close our borders.'

Just one comment from me. If we are really serious about securing our borders, we must crackdown and crackdown hard on those who hire illegals. - Sailor

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