Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Internet Radio

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As a few of you know, I do an interent radio oldies show. This a "just for fun" thing. No one makes any money off of it, in fact the "owner" of the station, actually lays out the money for the service. He has an idea, and I think it is a good one, to do a show for all of the military overseas. Of course, there will be some scheduling issues. That being said, I am asking those of you oversaes to contact me, via e-mail, at with times that may be good for this. Please put 'Internet Radio' in the title and make all times Zulu. Any of you that know some one overseas, or any of you MilBloggers, please spread the word.

We will play all requests from those overseas, as well as play any audio files with messages for loved ones you send. Let me stress again, there is no profit or any money in this. It is simply a way for us here at home to spread a little happiness. - Sailor

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