Saturday, September 25, 2004

More Trouble for the poodle

More troubles for kerry. Even CNN is saying the poodle's ship is listing badly and about to capsize and sink. The final blow may come mid October. Watch this space as details become available! - Sailor


CNN's polling shows that George Bush has a grip on 301 Electoral College votes based on state-by-state polling, with John Kerry fading in the Midwest and his chances of unseating the incumbent fading fast:

President Bush this week reached a symbolic milestone, overtaking Democratic challenger John Kerry in New Hampshire and Iowa to claim more than 300 electoral votes in CNN's weekly Electoral College scorecard.

If the election were held today, Bush would receive 301 electoral votes to Kerry's 237, according to a CNN survey based on state polling as well as interviews with campaign aides and independent analysts. ...

Bush currently leads in 33 states, including the country's entire southern rim (except California) and the mountain and plains regions. Kerry leads in the District of Columbia and the remaining 17 states, including all of the West Coast and most of the Northeast. The two candidates continue to battle for control of the industrial Midwest.

One Democratic strategist gave an interesting analysis: the candidate who controls the Mississippi controls America, a proverb going back to the Civil War. Right now, that candidate is George Bush, who leads in almost every state that borders on the river. Kerry gave up yesterday on Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri, and have always led in most other river states. Only Illinois has been solidly Democratic, although recent returns there have indicated it might be back in play, even given the disastrous candidacy of Alan Keyes for the open Senate seat. Wisconsin has turned into an almost certain win for Bush, and Minnesota -- which hasn't gone GOP for thirty-two years -- is a dead heat.

Take a look at this sea of red:

And this assumes that Kerry takes Pennsylvania, which has begun to look more reddish-purple than bluish-purple of late. Minnesota and Maryland have trended GOP the past month as well, and even New York may be within the margin of error. Kerry is in deep trouble.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

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