Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back On-Line - Finally!

After more than 2 weeks of dealing with the techies at SPRINT, my DSL is finally back up and running. Seems SPRINT decided to do an upgrade a couple of Saturdays ago. Well, as with far too many upgrades, they screwed the pooch with theirs. The entire Las Vegas Valley, that uses SPRINT for DSL, was hard down for almost 4 days. Once they fixed that problem, I could not bridge the DSL modem with my router. Called SPRINT and got some clueless tech. Claimed I needed a new DSL modem and promised to have it to me in 2 days. Three days later, no modem. Called SPRINT again. Got another clueless tech, who claimed that there was no order for a modem to be sent to me cut. He promised to have one to me in 3 days. 5 days later still no modem. Called SPRINT once again. This time the tech claimed it was sent, but the tracking number was lost, so he could not tell me where the DSL modem was. At this point I was ready to find another provider. Unfortunately, all of my phone services are in a package with SPRINT and I figured that would be a fiasco trying to split out the DSL.

Finally on Monday, I found a tech with a clue. He went outside the box and found a solution. Naturally, once I was back on-line, two DSL modems arrived. I think I am going to keep them as compensation for my pain and suffering.

So as soon as I weed through a few thousand e-mails, I will be back up and posting. I will also have an announcement to make in a couple of days. Stay tuned for that. - Sailor

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